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Google will get you rid of redirecting sites and pop ups by 2018

By Nimrat Kaur -- November 10, 2017 1:11 pm -- Updated:Feb 15, 2021

Google’s popular Chrome browser will now be protected in new ways against nefarious practices of redirection in the coming months. The rollout will happen in three parts early next year.

Beginning with the release of Chrome 64, Chrome will stop letting sites automatically redirect to new sites when you haven’t clicked on anything. Google claims this kind of behavior often springs from third-party code embedded in the page, and that author of the page usually has nothing to do with it.

Pop-up ads were the great scourge of the early internet, but we now face a menace that’s almost equal in annoyance. Along with being absolutely annoying, it also puts you at risk for phishing and malware.

The nasty thing will be fixed by Chrome 65, when the link you meant to click opens up in a new tab but the parent page redirects to an ad. As Google rightly sees this is as a “circumvention” of Chrome’s pop-up blocker that has gone unpunished for too long.

Google will also start blocking those infuriating page elements that are disguised as download or playback buttons, along with blocking invisible overlays that cause you to go to a different page. This pretty much sorts a lot of unwanted pages.

To assist with this process, Google has released its Abusive Experiences Report, which lets you see if your site will be affected by the changes. If any conflicts haven’t been resolved by the time 30 days pass by, though, Chrome will start blocking redirects and the opening of new windows from your site.

Chrome will deliver a much more comfortable core browsing experience in the coming year, as Google also plans to implement other changes such as stopping video ads from autoplaying.

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