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"India will be more humiliated if it cannot control anti-China sentiment at home": Analysts

By Rajan Nath -- June 22, 2020 4:06 pm

After the border face-off in the Galwan Valley, the nationalism against China within India is rising sharply. Meanwhile, Chinese analysts are warning India to cool down the nationalism at home.

An analyst said that "India will be more humiliated than after the 1962 border conflict with China if it cannot control anti-China sentiment at home."

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that the government has given the armed forces full freedom to take any necessary action. The Reuters stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that "nobody has intruded into our border, neither is anybody there now nor have our posts been captured."

Indian Army officer, 2 jawans killed in 'violent face-off' with Chinese in Galwan Valley

Lin Minwang, a professor at Fudan University's Center for South Asian Studies in Shanghai, told the Global Times that PM Narendra Modi understands that India cannot have a further conflict with China.

India China Border StandOff Fight Face Off | Claims Indian Army soldiers crossed border | Galwan Valley

Likewise, Beijing-based military expert, Wei Dongxu said that "Modi is playing with words in order to avoid an escalation as he does not want to really unleash his army by encouraging them to actively start another clash." "Modi is playing with words in order to avoid an escalation," Wei said.

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Meanwhile, the Editor-in-Chief of Global Times, Hu Xijin, said: "I must warn Indian nationalists: If your soldiers cannot even defeat Chinese soldiers in unarmed clashes, then guns and other firearms will not help them. The reason: The military strength of China is much more advanced and stronger than that of India."

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