Kabul Wedding Hall Blast: 63 people killed, 180 injured in a suicide attack

Kabul Wedding Hall Blast: 63 people killed, 180 injured in a suicide attack

Kabul Wedding Hall Blast: As many as 63 people have been killed and 180 people were injured in a suicide attack in Kabul at the wedding hall, the Afghan Government reported on Sunday. The news agency ANI, quoted TOLO news, in which it is written that the Afghan Interior Ministry Spokesperson Nusrat Rahimi, confirmed the number of casualties. Rahimi was quoted, “the women and children were among those killed and wounded in the suicide blast”. Earlier, 40 people were reported died and the 100 of the people were wounded in the suicide attack.

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The incident took place in the wedding hall which is located in the police district (PD6) and the blast was taken place at around 10:40 PM. As per reports, there were several people present, in fact, the hall was fully packed when the explosion took place. Meanwhile, the injured have been admitted to the hospital. Also, the Afghan-based Journalist Bilal Sarwary has mentioned that the event was the Hazari’s Wedding in which suicide bomber rushed in and blasted himself.Afghanistan

Meanwhile, no group has claimed the responsibility for the attack and the police has been intervening the situation and trying to find out the culprit behind the heinous attack. The attack has jolt the people and the panic situation has emerged in the local.

Balochistan Mosque Blast: Four people killed, 15 people injured

In this attack, the four people were reported dead and the fifteen people were injured in a blast in Mosque in Kulchak, near the Quetta, a city in Pakistan. As per reports, the incident took place when there were several people in the mosque to offer the Friday prayers.

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