Liberals, NDP, Conservatives step up fund raising

Liberals, NDP, Conservatives step up fund raising
Liberals, NDP, Conservatives step up fund raising

Canadian politics

Parties go all out for funded support

Political donations get up to 75 percent tax credits

Are you getting the most out of your 2017 tax credits? This is a busy time of year as all major political parties of Canada are going all out to achieve their fund raising targets for the 2019 federal elections. In a spate of emails to volunteers and party supporters, the parties to remind them that for next 3 days- midnight December 31 is the deadline – they get the maximum tax credits for the donations made by them. Those who donate can hope to get back 75 per cent of the amount as tax credits.

Says message:

If you give $25, you get $18.75 back

If you give $40, you get $30 back

If you give $100, you get $75 back

It is the generous tax credit on political contributions that has seen most of the parties nearing their steep targets. In case “we achieve the target, it means that you can help shape the future of our country/province with a direct impact on the upcoming election – and you will get most of your contribution back at tax time.”

The only catch in this last minute concerted effort to persuade maximum number of people to donate generously is that these donations have to be made before the year is up!

Besides the appeal for donations, political parties and their leaders, including sitting members of Parliament and Provincial Assemblies are sparing no chances for scathing attacks on their opponents.

In Alberta, for example, it is for the first time ever that this fundraising deadline is a two way race between the NDP and the UCP.

The NDP claims that it is on it to stop Jason Kenney and his friends from coming out on top— “because if they do, they’re one step closer to their reckless vision of cuts to services you rely on and tax breaks for the wealthy.

“Jason Kenney is a bully—and as far from progressive as politicians come. As a former PC MLA, I know better than most what will happen if he becomes Premier.

“He would reward his wealthy donors by giving them perks and tax breaks while cutting funding to hospitals, schools, and infrastructure. He’d take us back to a time of failed policies and put economic recovery at risk.

“With all that at stake, we can’t sit on the sidelines ahead of this upcoming financial deadline. What we raise in the next four days will set the stage for our work next year—and what you give will maximize your tax credits for 2017.
Liberals, NDP, Cionservatives step up fund raising
“If Jason Kenney has his way, all the progress we’ve worked for would be erased. A UCP government would turn their backs on the environmental protections we have put into place. They would jack up school fees and gut services for things like mental illness and senior care. We simply can’t let that happen,” says a message from Sandra Jansen, NDP MLA from Calgary North West

Robert Fox, National Director of NDP, says that he has been thinking about what need to be accomplished next year. There are three things at the top of his list:

a. Strengthen the party with the biggest most inclusive convention yet.

b. Make sure all 36 million Canadians get to know Jagmeet Singh – who he is and what he stands for

c. Stand up for the issues that matter to Canadians every single day

He says it is a short but important list. He admits that Liberals and Conservatives are outraising NDP as they have their own big plans this year and they have involve “drowning us and protecting the status quo”.

Robert Fox says that he does not want to spend next year watching everyday Canadians falling behind. He wants to take the fight to the Liberals everyday and bring in more and more people to the NDP fold to form a government the Canadians deserve in 2019.

Another appeal for donations comes with the following message:

Your 2017 to-do list:

✔ Help elect more women to the House of Commons

✔ Keep building a strong economy that gives every Canadian a fair chance to succeed

✔ Fight to preserve Canada’s natural beauty for our kids and grandkids

✔ Speak out for real change and share your ideas for a better Canada

☐ Take full advantage of your 2017 tax credit for political donations

It reminds supporters that the 2019 election is not far off, and the “Team Trudeau still has a lot of work to do to get ready. It is going to take all of us to achieve victory, get Justin Trudeau re-elected, and build on a strong caucus of Liberal MPs from across the country,” is the message from the ruling Liberals.

“We know we ask a lot, and we will never be able to say thank you enough for your sacrifices, but politics is a team sport. Especially during critical year-end fundraising campaigns like this one, we need our best supporters — like you — to step in, chip in what you can, and join nearly 7,000 Canadians who have already given online as part of this campaign.

Ontario’s NDP has chosen “Bandit”, an office pup, to pep up its appeal for fund raising.

Allow me to introduce you to Bandit. Full name: The Meatball Bandit says Oliver Pare, Digital Director, Ontario NDP.

“Bandit is our office pup, and he’s been very well behaved as our team works away intensely at our end-of-year campaign. We can’t give him all the attention (and treats) he deserves until we reach our crucial year-end goal, so instead of letting him watch on the sidelines, we’re getting him involved.

Right now, you can team up with Bandit to make a difference in the future of Ontario. You read that right, now head to Bandit’s page and check it out,” adds Oliver Pare.

He adds:”While Bandit waits patiently for the clock to strike twelve on the 31st, he is feeling some excitement and nervousness from the humans around him. That’s because we’re closing in our goal, but we’re not quite there yet.

It is no different in Manitoba.
Liberals, NDP, Cionservatives step up fund raising
“Just six months ago, I was elected the new MLA for Point Douglas, and I’ve cherished every day since,” reads the message from Bernadette Smith, NDP MLA.

“However, I will admit that some days it is hard to stay optimistic as long as Brian Pallister is the Premier. Time and again, Palliser’s Conservatives are putting budget lines ahead of people, and it is having an immense impact in communities like Point Douglas.

“But then I remind myself that the next election is just a couple years away in 2020. That’s not a lot of time before Manitobans hold Pallister to account.

“My new years’ resolution is to work even harder with party members to prepare for the next campaign. Earlier this month, Provincial Council passed an ambitious budget that requires us to increase our fundraising in order to be election ready. And the only way we can do that is if New Democrats work together! adds Bernadette Smith.