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INDIA Bloc faces crucial test as voting commences in 6 states: 10 key highlights

These elections mark a significant milestone as they represent the inaugural electoral contest since the formation of the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA) by Opposition parties

Written by  Annesha Barua -- September 05th 2023 08:32 AM -- Updated: September 05th 2023 08:38 AM
INDIA Bloc faces crucial test as voting commences in 6 states: 10 key highlights

INDIA Bloc faces crucial test as voting commences in 6 states: 10 key highlights

INDIA Bloc: Today marks a significant moment in Indian politics as six states hold by-elections to fill vacant assembly seats, setting the stage for a monumental showdown between the Opposition's Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA) and the BJP-led alliance. This electoral battle is particularly noteworthy as it is the first major electoral test since the formation of the INDIA bloc, wherein Opposition parties have come together to contest elections collaboratively. Here are the top ten key points to understand the significance of this electoral event:

1. Seats in the Spotlight: Voters in six states - Uttar Pradesh (Ghosi), West Bengal (Dhupguri), Kerala (Puthuppally), Uttarakhand (Bageshwar), Jharkhand (Dumri), and Tripura (Boxanagar and Dhanpur) - are heading to the polls today. In total, seven assembly seats are up for grabs, with the results scheduled to be announced on September 8.

2. INDIA Bloc's Debut: These elections mark a historic moment as they are the first to take place since the formation of the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA). The INDIA bloc represents a united front of Opposition parties that have pledged to jointly contest elections, solidifying their commitment to collaborate in their political endeavors.

3. Vacancies Due to Various Reasons: The bypolls are necessitated by a range of circumstances. In Dhupguri, Puthuppally, Bageshwar, Dumri, and Boxanagar, the sitting MLAs passed away, leading to the need for fresh elections. In Ghosi and Dhanpur, the MLAs resigned, triggering the by-elections.

4. Dara Singh Chauhan's Switch: In Ghosi, former Samajwadi Party MLA Dara Singh Chauhan resigned from his position and joined the BJP. This has set the stage for a high-stakes battle between Chauhan, now representing the BJP, and his former party's candidate Sudhakar Singh, who also enjoys Congress's backing.

5. Pratima Bhoumik's Resignation: Dhanpur witnessed a by-election due to BJP MLA Pratima Bhoumik's resignation to retain her Lok Sabha seat. The BJP has nominated her brother, Bindu Debnath, as their candidate, while the CPM has put forward Kaushik Chanda.

6. Direct Contest in Boxanagar: Boxanagar is witnessing a direct contest between the CPM and BJP following the demise of the Left party legislator, Samsul Haque, which left the seat vacant.

7. Bageshwar's Unique Race: The by-election in Bageshwar was prompted by the unfortunate passing of BJP MLA Chandan Ram Dass. The BJP has fielded Dass's wife, Parwati, as their candidate against the Congress's Basant Kumar and Samajwadi Party's Bhagawati Prasad.

8. Oommen Chandy's Legacy in Puthuppally: Puthuppally, which fell vacant after the passing of veteran leader Oommen Chandy, sees his son, Chandy Oommen, representing the Congress-led front against CPM's Jaick C Thomas.

9. Dumri's INDA Banner: In Dumri, the seat was left vacant by Jharkhand Mukti Morcha MLA Jagarnath Mahto. The ruling state party has nominated Mahto's wife, Bebi Devi, under the INDIA banner, facing competition from NDA's Yashoda Devi and AIMIM's Abdul Rizvi.

10. Dhupguri's Battle Royale: Dhupguri's election came about following the unfortunate demise of BJP's Bishnupada Roy. The BJP has put forward Tapasi Roy, while the Trinamool has nominated Nirmal Chandra Roy and the CPM's candidate is Ishwar Chandra Roy.

The outcomes of these by-elections will not only have immediate implications for these states but also offer insights into the political landscape and the strength of the INDIA bloc in future electoral contests.

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