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Infant given ‘phenyl’ instead of vitamin in hospital, dies

Written by  Shgun S -- October 03rd 2023 01:37 PM
Infant given ‘phenyl’ instead of vitamin in hospital, dies

Infant given ‘phenyl’ instead of vitamin in hospital, dies

Ahmedabad: An 11-month-old infant died after a nurse allegedly gave him phenyl instead of vitamin syrup in Ahmedabad hospital, media reports said.

Taimur Meo's parents have filed a complaint with Shaherkotda police, stating that their 11-month-old son was given phenyl instead of vitamin syrup and that they were shocked when he began frothing at the mouth. According to the police, the medicine was sent for forensic analysis.

M D Chandravadiya, a police inspector in Shaherkotda, stated that they have received a complaint application. If negligence or malpractice is found during their investigation, a case will be filed against the hospital staff or doctor in question. Taimur was brought to Shardaben Hospital on Saturday with a fever and vomiting, according to officials.

According to reports, Taimur was prescribed vitamin syrup after doctors made a round on Monday morning, and a hospital nurse gave the bottle to the family.

According to authorities, Taimur's mother, Faizanbanu, stated that she had been directed to feed him 5ml three times a day.

The infant began frothing at the mouth as soon as she delivered the first dose, and medics were summoned. She added that when they smelled it, it smelled like phenyl.

They also stated that the bottle's seal was broken, leading them to believe that the contents were not what they expected. According to Chandravadiya, the bottle was taken as evidence and submitted to a forensic laboratory for examination to determine its true contents.

If it is found to be something else, a case will be opened. If the contents of the bottle are actually medicine, they will bring the whole investigation report to the medical board, together with the laboratory's findings, and request an opinion on whether the medicine administered was necessary.

He continued, "We are also investigating if the medicine was past its expiry date."

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