Neither Congress nor PM Modi could create jobs: Rahul Gandhi

Speaking at Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School, Gandhi said.

Accepting that the UPA had been unable to deliver 30,000 jobs as it had promised, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi said that current BJP-led NDA government has failed to achieve it too.

“Those same people who got angry with us because we couldn’t deliver on those 30,000 jobs (a day) are going to get angry with Mr Modi,” Speaking at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School, Gandhi said.

“There is anger building up in India,” he added.

He said a large part of India’s population is unemployed and is feeling the pain.

“The challenge is how to solve the job problem in a democratic environment, and frankly the Congress party was unable to do it,” Rahul said.

“So we have to first accept it as a problem. Then we have to unite and try to solve it. Right now, nobody is even accepting it as a problem,” he argued.

Rahul said, despite the victory, Modi and BJP both have failed to understand the importance of keeping its promise of job creation.

“Currently, we are not producing enough jobs. 30,000 new youngsters are joining the job market every single day and yet the government is only creating 500 jobs a day. And this doesn’t include the massive pool of already unemployed youngsters,” Gandhi said.