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Congress wants to dig grave of PM who made India famous: Amit Shah

Written by  Shgun S -- April 11th 2023 05:42 PM
Congress wants to dig grave of PM who made India famous: Amit Shah

Congress wants to dig grave of PM who made India famous: Amit Shah

Dibrugarh (Assam), April 11: Union Home Minister Amit Shah slammed the Congress on Tuesday, saying that Congress wants to dig the grave of the Prime Minister who made India famous around the world and put an end to terrorism in the North East.

Speaking to Bharatiya Janata Party workers at the foundation stone laying ceremony for the BJP Dibrugarh office, Shah said, "The Prime Minister who made India famous all over the world, and who secured India, ended terrorism from the North East, expedited the development of North East, by visiting it over 50 times, who brought many types of schemes in North East, for that PM, these Congressmen are saying 'Modi Teri Kabr Khudegi' (Modi, your grave will be dug)."

He stated that 130 crore people in the country, including all of Assam, are praying for PM Modi's long life. "The more you abuse, the more the lotus (the BJP's party symbol) blooms."

With reference to the recently concluded North East elections in Tripura, Meghalaya, and Nagaland, Shah stated that the BJP is an ally of the ruling government in all three states, while the Congress was wiped out of the state despite Rahul Gandhi's nationwide Yatra.

"Once upon a time, the North East was considered to be the bastion of Congress, now the party has been wiped out from here despite Rahul Gandhi's Yatra," the Union Minister added.

Taking note of Rahul Gandhi's critical foreign remarks, Shah stated that if Gandhi continues on the same path, the grand old party will be wiped out of the country.

"Rahul Baba Abhi Bhi Samajh Jaao," he added, "Abhi North East Mein Supda Saaf Hua Hai, Yahi Raaste Par Chale To Deshbhar Mein Supda Saaf Ho Jaayega."

Earlier on Monday, Shah launched the 'Vibrant Villages Programme' in Kibithoo, Arunachal Pradesh, saying that "no one can encroach even a pin's tip worth of our land" and that "no one has the power to cast an evil eye on us."

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