Pradyuman Murder: 4 Cops Being Investigated For Destruction of Evidence

murder of Pradyuman Thakur.

The role of four policemen has emerged in the alleged fudging of evidence to incriminate a schoolbus conductor for the murder of Pradyuman Thakur.

“Illegality and destruction of evidence” has been done by the policemen after the investigation by CBI, who had declared that seven-year-old Pradyuman was killed by bus conductor Ashok Kumar on September 8.

A class 11th student was detained by the CBI and accused of slitting his junior’s throat in the toilet to delay exams. CBI sources say the student called Pradyuman to the toilet saying he wanted help with something and the Class 2 student followed since he knew him from piano classes.

While arresting Ashok Kumar in the murder case, the police declared that he had admitted to killing Pradyuman after trying to sexually assault him and they had also presented the murder weapon.

The student was taken to the school on Sunday as investigators tried to reconstruct the crime. The boy’s father has alleged that he has been tortured, “hung upside down and brutally thrashed”.
-PTC News