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Sukhbir Badal issues strong warning against politics of vendetta, violence

By Ramandeep S Bajwa -- April 21, 2017 6:04 pm -- Updated:Feb 15, 2021

The Shiromani Akali Dal president Sardar Sukhbir Singh Badal today issued a strong warning against politics of violence and vendetta  unleashed against innocent Akali workers  by the Congress hoodlums at the behest and with active support of the state machinery in Punjab.

Meanwhile, both former Chief Minister Sardar Parkash Singh Badal and the SAD president have conveyed their heartfelt condolences and expressions of   solidarity with   the family of Sukhwinder Singh who was  killed  when  armed “Congress gangsters”  attacked the Akali workers in Mansa on Wednesday night.

Three other Akali workers were also seriously injured in the brutal attack . The former Chief Minister has described the incident as “shocking beyond words” and said that   Punjab  has fast slipped into a Jungle Raj since the Congress assuming office last month.

In a strongly worded statement, the former Deputy Chief Minister said that ever since forming a government, the Congress party “has unleashed  a reign of terror and vendetta against Akalis workers and their families in Punjab, and all this is being done to silence  democratic and peaceful opposition to the open loot of the state’s resources  which the Congress party and its leaders are indulging in. They appeared to in great hurry to loot the state and fleece its innocent people because  they know  that their government is likely to crumble under the weight  of its own contradictions,” said the Akali president  .

The statements of the top Akali leaders today came in the wake of a gruesome assault on innocent Akali workers at Khiali Chellianwali late Wednesday night . Congress goons murdered  Sukhwinder Singh, who was the son of the partner of an Akali worker and was peacefully running a legal  contract.

The attack was a part of a brazen bid to illegally grab all businesses in the state, said a complaint lodged by the members of the victims’ family with the police .

The SAD president said that it was shocking the state government had treated even the High Court with utter contempt, refusing to provide security the Akali worker and his associates despite clear court orders to this effect. “The bloody of our innocent worker is on the  Congress hand and the hands of the state police  that refused to act even after  court directions. “If the police had acted in time, the incident could easily have been prevented and an innocent life saved.”

Mr Badal said that even now despite public and court pressure, the police has been dragging its feet in arresting the culprits.

In his statement the SAD president further said that  incidents like these had become daily occurrences now as the police and the state government machinery has tuned into either a mute witness or an active participant in this brazen goodaism.

“These incidents started on day one of the Government taking oath of office. They started flouting that oath even before they had time to alight from the stage at Raj Bhawan. Duly elected  and legitimate democratic bodies were forcibly and illegally captured and their office bearers beaten up and chased away in broad daylight. Even the truck unions and cooperative societies were not being spared. Is this the rule of law which their manifesto so pompously promised?” asked Mr Sukhbir Singh Badal.