Guest wants “Tom” to control “Jerry” [VIDEO]

Tom and Jerry , Man Complains About Jerry in his Room , Viral Video

An Arab man called the hotel reception in UK to complain about a Jerry in his room. The man visited to UK and called up the reception. The whole conversation was filmed and the video has left netizens in splits. The video is captioned: This Arab guy calls the hotel reception to complain about a mouse in his room. Listen to how he describes the situation ??????.”

The video shows man informing the hotel staff that his English is not that good. He asks the receptionist if he knows abouyt popular cartoon show Tom and Jerry. The receptionist replies positively and the guest says, “Jerry is here in my room.”

The receptionist confirms the information, “You have a mouse in your room.” The conversation ended up being more hilarious when the guest requested the hotel staff to bring Tom along with them. To this, the hotel staff replied: “We don’t have a Tom in the hotel.”

Watch it here:

Meanwhile, the video created a laughing riot on Twitter, which has been viewed over 4 million times and garnered over 3.4 lakh likes and more than 1.3 lakh retweets.

Here’s how netizens are reacting:

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A user replied: “Jerry in the corner of the room watching the man call the front desk knowing he’s untouchable.” Giving a suggestion to the hospital staff, a user wrote: “There’s always at least one cat that hangs out outside the hotel and basically lives there, they could get Tom.”

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