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The top Indian dinners to help you stay cool

Dinner plays an equally crucial role in your day as does breakfast. However, are you certain that, in the heat, you are doing it correctly? Come with me while we investigate!

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The top Indian dinners to help you stay cool

The top Indian dinners to help you stay cool

PTC News Desk: Experts often advise, "Start your day right with the best food and nutrition because morning shows the day." You have probably heard them say this. There's no doubting that breakfasts need to be substantial, but the good intentions shouldn't stop there. The next two meals, lunch and dinner, must also be moderately hefty and nutrient-dense.

Summertime means that you need to create a protective shield against the heat, dehydration, and acid reflux in addition to maintaining a healthy diet. What then would be a pleasant way to round off a summer's day? Naturally, a light, breezy desi supper.

"Indian cuisine offers numerous options for meals that are specifically prepared with fewer spices and less oil, making them easy on the stomach, easy to assimilate, and cooling for the body," experts states. The contents and techniques of preparation frequently affect the cooling qualities.

Traditional Indian food with cooling properties

First of all, against popular opinion, you can eat curd at night. Curd is high in fat and protein, which can irritate some people with digestive issues. As such, anyone with these conditions should avoid it. Therefore, because curd is cooling and has probiotic qualities, it can be a part of a normal summertime desi dinner at home.

Vegetables like lauki (bottle gourd), cucumber, karela (bitter gourd), and ridge gourd are good in warding off the heat and can be a part of any Indian meal. If you have trouble digesting food, are acidic, or burp a lot, you should stick to light lentils like masoor dal (red lentils). In the heat, these veggies and dals are particularly healthy, says study.

Another thing you'll notice is that most diets in temperate climates have a greater rice consumption. Rice is an essential part of meals since it is a good source of energy due to its carbs, even though the geographic element is one of the causes.

Cooking techniques to preserve the cooling qualities of food

One effective way to avoid heat or heat-related issues is to ferment food or consume fermented foods.

"Preparing meals on a low-medium flame helps retain nutrients and reduces the need for oil, enhancing the cooling effect," said a dietician.

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Typical dinnertime errors

According to doctors, ghar ka khana is the best. The majority of us struggle when we start eating excessive amounts of fried and greasy food, therefore experts advise against ending the day on that note.

"Having heavy, oily, or fried foods which are hard to digest, not staying hydrated enough, and overusing and heating spices without balancing them with cooling ingredients can heat you internally," states an expert.

"Eating spicy, flavour-filled street food on hot days is a common error people make. These foods are not good for the stomach in the heat, despite their seductive nature. It's critical to take care of your stomach and not overwork it. As caffeine can cause dehydration, cutting back on caffeine intake is also very important, says a dietician.

It's also a good idea to finish your dinner three hours or earlier than your bedtime.

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Traditional Indian summer dinners good for your gut

The ideal dinner is one that is low in fat, light on the stomach, and has some vegetables and protein. The majority of specialists have emphasised that this works best when the temperature rises.

Speaking with members of several Indian households, we learned that their summer supper menus are pretty much the same. To keep the meal lighter, some families do not eat non-vegetarian cuisine. Every meal must include curd. Most common summertime vegetables, such as bottle, ridge, snake, pointed, ivy, and bitter gourds, are cooked. Usually, roti or rice are served with these vegetables.

Seasonal veggies obviously require some fresh recipes, but most homes stick to the same staples.

"Think about meals like masoor dal khichdi, daliya with raita, sabudana khichdi, and barnyard millet khichdi for a light and refreshing vegetarian supper choice. Kanchan Khurana recommends these since they are simple to digest and perfect for both kids and senior citizens.

Other options include steamed idli, moong dal salad, and veggie pulao. If you are a die-hard meat eater who cannot live without their recommended daily intake of protein, consider preparing a mild chicken stew or grilling your meat with tandoori spices (but don't add too much heat).

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