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Pakistani citizen’s desperate appeal goes viral amidst economic crisis

Written by  Annesha Barua -- February 23rd 2023 02:08 PM
Pakistani citizen’s desperate appeal goes viral amidst economic crisis

Pakistani citizen’s desperate appeal goes viral amidst economic crisis

Islamabad, February 23: In a recent video that has gone viral of internet where a Pakistani man is heard complaining against the Pakistani government, Shehbaz Sharif. Where he is seen complaining that the country is under severe economic crisis. He further said that Pakistan also be able to buy goods at reasonable prices had PM Modi been ruling Pakistan.

In the video of a former journalist Sana Amjab can be heard where in a local why the slogan saying 'Pakistan se zinda bhago chahe India chale jaao’ (Run for your life away from Pakistan, even if it means taking shelter in India) was raised on the streets. 

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The viral video of Pakistani Youtuber Sana Amjad has been heard giving a angry speech against the Shehbaz Sharif government. We have also seen a former journalist, Sana Amjad had is associated with several Pakistani media houses. The local said he wishes that the Partition hadn't happened as he, and his fellow countrymen, could then have been able to purchase essential items at reasonable prices and feed their children every night.

"I wish Pakistan wasn't separated from India. We would then be purchasing tomatoes at PKR 20/kg, chicken for PKR 150/kg, and petrol at PKR 50 per litre," he said in the viral video.

"It is unfortunate that we got an Islamist nation but we could not establish Islam here," he added.

Wishing for "no one but Narendra Modi", he said "Modi is much better than us, his people respect and follow him so much. If we had Narendra Modi, we wouldn't need Nawaz sharif or Benazir or Imran, not even (late former military ruler) General (Parvez) Musharraf. All we want is Prime Minister Modi, as only he can deal with all mischievous elements in the country. India is currently the fifth-biggest economy in the world while we are nowhere."

"I am ready to live under Modi's rule. Modi is a great man, he is not a bad human being. Indians are getting tomatoes and chicken at reasonable rates. When you cannot feed your children at night, you start ruing the country you were born in," he added.

"I pray to Almighty to give us Modi and have him rule our country," he said, with tears in his eyes.

He said the Pakistanis need to stop comparing themselves with India "because there is no comparison" between the two countries.



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