Smoking increases risk of coronavirus infection and complications

World Tobacco day | Smoking Can Lead to Risk of Coronavirus | COVID 19

World Tobacco Day: Nowadays, smoking has become a social activity among the friends and colleagues. However, with the lockdown and social distancing being followed to contain the spread of coronavirus, it is the right time to quit smoking. As per the report, smoking put down the immunity and increases the risk of being infected with diseases related to the respiratory illnesses such as COVID-19 or tuberculosis.

Smokers are more vulnerable as the fingers come in contact with the lips that increases the possibility of transmission of the virus from hand to mouth.

Smoking may elevate enzymes that might allow the coronavirus to take over the lung cells. Reportedly, the smokers and people with the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease may have elevated levels of enzyme called ACE-2. It helps the virus to enter the cells in their lungs, where it replicates, a study published in the European Respiratory Journal said.

If an individual quits smoking, the heartbeat turns normal in 20 mts and the risk of getting heart attack reduces and after a long period of time the risk of getting lung, oral and other cancers reduces.

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Quitting smoking takes a lot of guts but if you are determined and you care for yourself and your loved ones, you may succeed one day.

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