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Passport Seva Service Excellence Van: Simplifying passport applications in Chandigarh

Four mobile 'service centers' will be stationed throughout the city

Written by  Annesha Barua -- September 15th 2023 12:10 PM
Passport Seva Service Excellence Van: Simplifying passport applications in Chandigarh

Passport Seva Service Excellence Van: Simplifying passport applications in Chandigarh

Passport Seva Service Excellence Van: Obtaining a passport for international travel in Chandigarh just became more convenient. The Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, has introduced the Passport Seva Service Excellence Van at the Chandigarh Regional Passport Office as a pilot project.

This service, launched with four Passport Seva Service Excellence vans, allows applicants to complete the passport application process without visiting the office. On its first day, 80 candidates took advantage of this service, which offers a streamlined and efficient passport application process.

The Passport Seva Service Excellence Van functions as a complete mobile passport office, ensuring that all formalities are completed within seven days of registration. This initiative is part of ongoing efforts by the Passport Office to enhance the passport application process and reduce verification time. It's a significant step forward for applicants who no longer need to wait for months to complete the fingerprinting and photographing process.

To utilize this service, interested individuals can visit the website and select the WAN (Wide Area Network) option from the available application processes. Once the necessary details are filled out, an appointment for fingerprinting and photographing will be scheduled. This initiative aims to simplify and expedite the passport application process, making it more accessible for the public.

Will reduce appointment waiting times

  • Appointment period reduction: The introduction of mobile passport service centers aims to significantly reduce the waiting period for passport application appointments.
  • Convenient choice: After scheduling an appointment on the Passport Seva portal, applicants have the option to select from nearby stationed vans for their application process.
  • Comprehensive processing: The staff members assigned to these mobile service vehicles will handle the entire application process, including fingerprinting and photographing.
  • Home delivery: Following successful processing and police verification, the passport will be delivered directly to the applicant's home.
  • Long waiting period alleviation: The mobile passport service is designed to alleviate the lengthy waiting period associated with obtaining passport application appointments.
  • Schedule availability: To facilitate access to this service, the schedule for the mobile passport vans will be accessible on the official portal.
  • Trial run in Sector 34: A trial run was conducted in Sector 34 to test the effectiveness of the mobile passport service. During this trial, 80 applications were processed, and all necessary procedures, such

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