Don’t provoke me: Kumar Vishwas hits back at Gopal Rai

New Delhi, Jan 5- Infighting intensifies among AAP leaders,  as Rebel AAP leader Kumar Vishwas  hit back at the party’s Delhi unit chief Gopal Rai for accusing him of attempting to topple the Arvind Kejriwal government, and warned that he should not be provoked.

Gopal Rai had accused Vishwas of being at the “centre” of conspiracies hatched to topple the Arvind Kejriwal government in Delhi after the municipal polls in which the AAP fared poorly.

Vishwas rubbished Rai’s charges, saying that even the party distanced itself from what he had said.

Don't provoke me Kumar Vishwas hits back at Gopal Rai
Don’t provoke me Kumar Vishwas hits back at Gopal Rai

Choosing sarcasm over counter-attack, the poet-politician compared his plotters to Sivagami Devi, a character in the popular film ‘Bahubali’.

“Rai has woken up from his ‘Kumbhakarni’ slumber after seven months. Even the party has disowned his allegations. Actually, the Sivagami Devi of this ‘Mahishmati’ (AAP) is someone else,” he told reporters.

Vishwas said that he had campaigned for Rai in Babbarpur assembly seat and helped him win.

Rai can now take Sushil Gupta, the AAP’s Rajya Sabha candidate, to his constituency, he added.

Kumar vishwas also mocked Rai, saying that with Gupta’s help, he can even go on to become the prime minister.

“In fact, Kim Jong-un has been troubling everyone. He (Rai) can even become the UN secretary general. Many things have been received by him and he should enjoy them,” Vishwas said. PTI