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Delhi water crisis: DJB office vandalised, 3 injured in clash over tap access | Key updates

Leaders of the BJP have blamed the AAP government for the serious water issue, accusing them of incompetence and corruption.

Reported by:  PTC News Desk  Edited by:  Annesha Barua -- June 16th 2024 03:36 PM
Delhi water crisis: DJB office vandalised, 3 injured in clash over tap access | Key updates

Delhi water crisis: DJB office vandalised, 3 injured in clash over tap access | Key updates

PTC News Desk: Protests, vandalism, and tense political debates have been provoked by Delhi's chronic water problem around the metropolis. Amidst the acute water scarcity, anonymous persons vandalized the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) office in Chhatarpur on Sunday. Broken clay pots and smashed window panes could be seen at the DJB office in the video that the news agency ANI released.

BJP leader Ramesh Bidhuri acknowledged the public's rage but denounced the damage of public property.

It makes sense. When individuals are enraged, they are capable of anything. I am appreciative of the staff members who managed such individuals.It belongs to both the people and the government. It serves no use to do damage to this property.

In the Dwarka area, tensions also erupted over a disagreement over who could use a communal tap for water, which led to three injuries and hospital admissions at Indira Gandhi Hospital. Two PCR calls about the incident were validated by the Delhi Police, and cross-cases have been filed based on the statements provided by both sides. They made it clear that there was no community component to the dispute and that an inquiry was in progress.

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BJP MP Harsh Malhotra asserted, "Delhi government is receiving enough water for the public of Delhi," accusing the AAP government of corruption and poor management. Their corruption, lack of preparation, and inaction are the causes of the shortfall we are currently experiencing.

Delhi Water Minister Atishi wrote to Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora in response to the growing issue, asking for the deployment of staff to guard important water pipelines against any sabotage. According to her, a recent event in South Delhi resulted in intentional damage to a crucial pipeline, worsening the water scarcity.

Manoj Tiwari, a BJP MP from North East Delhi, spearheaded a "matka-phod" (broken earthen pot) protest and stated, "Every year there is a water shortage... Who is the cheater, Atishi? These are lazy people who only want to plunder the public coffers; they have no intention or work policy.I would like to inform Atishi that lying has its boundaries."Delhi people will punish them," he declared.

Chief of the Delhi BJP Virendra Sachdeva echoed these views, blaming tanker mafias, water theft, and deteriorated infrastructure for the situation. He attacked the Delhi government for neglecting to solve problems with the water supply system over the previous ten years and for lacking a summer action plan.

In Delhi's Najafgarh, BJP MP Kamaljeet Sehrawat and other party members staged a "Matka Phod" protest. She also examined a Dwarka water pipeline and found that there was a large amount of water waste because of broken pipes.

"They are unable to use government tankers and private water tankers are very expensive for them," Sehrawat stated, pleading with the Delhi administration to fix these infrastructure problems.

Delhi's BJP MP Bansuri Swaraj charged that the AAP government was creating the situation, stating that "Haryana is releasing more water than agreed upon, and Delhi has an ample supply of water." But during its ten years in power, the AAP administration caused the Delhi Jal Board to lose 7,300 crores. They neglected to fix the board's infrastructure, and illegal tanker mafias, who have the government's support, waste or pilfer 40% of the water supply.

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