All you need to know about Male Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer
All you need to know about Male Breast Cancer

All you need to know about Male Breast Cancer  

You might be thinking that what is this? Is it even possible? Does it even exist? Yes! It is rare cancer in men that originates from the breast. The male breast cancer cases develop in men who are 65 years or plus. Most of the cases that have been recorded in men aged anywhere from 5 to 93. There are 1 in 1000 thousand risks for developing breast cancer in males.

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Survival rate:

The survival rate for early-stage male breast cancer is almost 100 per cent.

For mid-stage male breast cancer is almost 72-91 per cent.

For advanced – stage male breast cancer is almost 20 per cent.

Symptoms of male breast cancer

The symptoms of male breast cancer are quite similar to the symptoms of female breast cancer.

– LumpLump is the most common symptom of male breast cancer. There would be an appearance of a lump in the breast. In most of the cases, the lump will be painless.

Nipple: there are many less common symptoms of male breast cancer that are really hard to notice. But, the good news is that you can keep a check. They usually affect the nipple like nipple ulceration, retraction and leak from the nipple.

Other symptomsif male breast cancer spreads, then one can experience other symptoms like breast pain, bone pain, swelling of the lymph nodes near breast and armpit.

Treatment option:

Surgery is the top treatment option for Male Breast cancer. With surgery, one can rid of cancerous entire lymph nodes in the armpit.  Apart from surgery, there are many other options that can be considered:

Estrogen hormone therapy – Sometimes, Estrogen receptors grow on the walls of the cancerous cells. The estrogen helps the cells to divide and grow. By giving Hormone therapy, it slows down the growth and blocks the effect of estrogen.

Chemotherapy – The third treatment method is chemotherapy, in case hormone therapy doesn’t work.

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