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World Environment Day: Chhatbir Zoo ends one-month-long awareness campaign with plantation drive

Written by  Shgun S -- June 06th 2023 01:44 PM
World Environment Day: Chhatbir Zoo ends one-month-long awareness campaign with plantation drive

World Environment Day: Chhatbir Zoo ends one-month-long awareness campaign with plantation drive

Chhatbir Zoo celebrated World Environment Day on Monday with the one-month-long awareness campaign of mass mobilization concluding with a plantation drive.

During the Chhatbir Zoo plantation drive, the Field Director and all zoo officials planted trees on the zoo campus.

This year, the whole nation commemorated World Environment Day as a month-long festival promoting the theme - lifestyle for nature.

In the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow, India being a precedent of G-20, Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced the Mission LiFE to the world and he quoted "Mission LiFE can become a mass movement of Environmental Conscious Lifestyle. What is needed today is Mindful and Deliberate Utilisation, instead of Mindless and Destructive Consumption."

Living traditions and Indian culture are fundamentally sustainable. Our ancient scriptures underline the need of safeguarding our treasured natural resources and living in peace with nature. The need of the hour is to delve into that ancient wisdom and reach as many people as possible with the message. Mission LiFE aims to turn individuals' and communities' efforts into a global mass movement of positive behavioural change.

The Moefcc (Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Changes, Government of India) launched a Meri-LiFE portal and dashboard as a digital platform for individuals, institutes, organisations, departments, and communities to raise awareness and record events.

MeriLiFE enables people to live a more sustainable lifestyle by making pro-planet choices in their daily lives. The app is inspired by the Prime Minister's LiFE concept, which emphasises conscious and purposeful consumption over mindless and wasteful consumption.

The Meri LiFE mobile application intends to enable a larger community of young people to emerge as Pro-Planet-Persons, changemakers, and solution-givers to some of the most serious environmental problems we face today. Meri LiFE is a marketplace where young people may explore their interests, identify opportunities related to Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability that match their interests, and sign up to act on matters that are important to them.

The Central Zoo Authority, Government of India, has also directed all zoos across the country to mark the occasion with all stakeholders and spread the environmental message via a circular campaign for Meri-LiFE on PRO-PLANET-PEOPLE from 05.05.2023 to 05.06.2023.

Chhatbir Zoo organised several awareness programmes and conducted a month-long mass-mobilization awareness campaign for visitors inside the zoo. Under zoo outreach initiatives, Chhatbir Zoo also held online sessions with schools and universities, as well as an awareness push with industries.

Every day, different awareness events were held, and a total of 100 to 1000 people were sensitised each day, with those who were motivated also taking a pledge. During this month-long initiative, Chhatbir Zoo organised 268 activities, and a total of 13200 people were motivated, sensitised to the environment, and enthusiastically took the pledge to safeguard the environment.

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