Rahul alleges Modi ‘scared’ of Chinese prez, BJP retorts why is he in ‘celebratory mood’

Rahul alleges Modi 'scared' of Chinese prez, BJP retorts why is he in 'celebratory mood'
Rahul alleges Modi 'scared' of Chinese prez, BJP retorts why is he in 'celebratory mood'

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on Thursday alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was not saying a word against China for blocking Masood Azhar’s listing as a global terrorist because he was “scared” of its president Xi Jinping, prompting the BJP to retort why the Congress president was in a “celebratory” mood when India was in “pain”.

Rahul Gandhi’s criticism of Modi came a day after China for the fourth time blocked a bid in the UN Security Council to designate Pakistan-based terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed’s chief Azhar as a “global terrorist” by putting a technical hold on the proposal. The Chinese move was termed as “disappointing” by India.

“Weak Modi is scared of Xi. Not a word comes out of his mouth when China acts against India. NoMo’s China diplomacy: 1. Swing with Xi in Gujarat. 2. Hug Xi in Delhi. 3. Bow to Xi in China,” Gandhi said on Twitter, referring to unprecedented welcome provided by Modi to Chinese president Xi during his India visit in 2014.

As Congress leaders, including Gandhi, used the Chinese action to take a swipe at Modi, the BJP hit back, saying they will be “happy” for giving headline news to Pakistani media.

“Why is Rahul Gandhi in a celebratory mood when the country stands pained with this attitude of China,” senior BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad said at a press conference, claiming that Gandhi with his comments is seen to be “in close proximity with Azhar Masood”.

Prasad asked why Gandhi had not made any comment when China had blocked a bid on the same grounds in 2009 when the Manmohan Singh-led UPA government was in power.

“Rahul Gandhi’s tweets must be headline news in Pakistan and will be circulated in JeM office with much merry”, the Union minister said, adding that it will perhaps make the Congress leader happy.

The Union minister said Gandhi had spoken about meeting Chinese ministers and that the Chinese embassy in India had wanted to see him off when he flew for his Mansarovar pilgrimage last year. However, the permission for which was denied by the government.

Taking a swipe at Gandhi, Prasad said,”If you enjoy such good relations with China, then you should have used your proximity to persuade that country to back the proposal at the UN.”

Earlier, Congress’ chief spokeserson Randeep Surjewala also slammed the government, and said it was a sad day in the global fight against terrorism.

“China blocking Masood Azhar’s designation as global terrorist reaffirms Chinese position of being an inseparable ally of terrorism’s breeding ground-Pakistan,” he said.

Surjewala asked whether the Prime Minister will answer to the nation why he became ‘maun Modi’ (silent Modi) as India’s interests were repeatedly compromised.

The current situation is an outcome of the “weak-kneed Modi government, bending over backwards before China” over the last five years, the Congress leader claimed.

In his press conference, Prasad blamed the Congress for China becoming a permanent member of the UN Security Council which gives it the power to veto any move in the global body.

Quoting from a book, ‘Nehru- The invention of India’, written by Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, the BJP leader said it has been written that India’s first prime minister played a role in China becoming a permanent member of the UNSC.

India under Modi will continue to fight a decisive battle against terrorism, he asserted, adding that the BJP is “pained” if the Congress and Gandhi are happy with the Chinese action.

“India and Indians are hurt with the Chinese decision,” he said.

Foreign policies are not run from Twitter, the BJP leader said, targeting Gandhi over his comments on the Masood Azhar issue.

India under Modi has tried to mend fences with China but has been resolute in its fight against terrorism, he added. PTI