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Rohit Sharma expresses frustration at 'intruder' question ahead of India vs Ireland T20 World Cup Match

India vs. Ireland: When an Indian journalist questioned Rohit Sharma about a pich invader during the T20 World Cup, Sharma did not try to hide his annoyance.

Written by  Annesha Barua -- June 05th 2024 12:05 PM
Rohit Sharma expresses frustration at 'intruder' question ahead of India vs Ireland T20 World Cup Match

Rohit Sharma expresses frustration at 'intruder' question ahead of India vs Ireland T20 World Cup Match

PTC News Desk: During Tuesday's pre-match press conference in New York for the India vs. Ireland T20 World Cup, India captain Rohit Sharma became irritated with a question. When an Indian journalist inquired about Rohit's thoughts on the pitch invader during India's lone warm-up match against Bangladesh at the Nassau County International Stadium on June 1, the patiently responding Rohit seemed agitated.

"At the start of the warm-up game, a supporter unexpectedly touched the ground. You were telling him to ease up, the way the security officers apprehended him. The reporter said, "Can you tell us about the emotion at that time?"

Rohit expressed his dissatisfaction to the reporter by informing her that such things ought not to be publicized. "Toh main bolunga ki koi bhi aise ground mein intrusion na kare sabse pahle toh. I would first say that no one should trespass into the ground. Ye sahi nahi hai aur yeh sawal bhi sahi nahi thha. This is incorrect. Furthermore, we don't want to encourage this behavior of sprinting and falling to the ground, thus this question was also inappropriate," Rohit remarked.

A fan at the newly constructed stadium in New York got past the security to meet Rohit during the warm-up match. That took place amid Bangladesh's pursuit. Before being caught and handcuffed by two cops, the fan was able to give the Indian captain an embrace. Rohit then pleaded with the security staff to treat the fan with kindness and not cause him any harm.

"Players and fans should both prioritise security," Rohit said

"I believe that just as the safety of the athletes is crucial, so is the safety of those outside. Yes, we are playing cricket, but it's crucial that the folks seated outside realize that every nation has its own set of laws. It is crucial that you comprehend and adhere to them. That's all I have to say. So what else am I able to say?

"You see, this place and India have different laws. Thus, be aware of the guidelines and what is and is not permitted. Watch the game; the stadium is really well-made. You are able to comfortably observe the game. I don't think there's a need to run to the ground or do anything else," the Indian captain continued.

In response to a follow-up question on whether it serves as a distraction for the players, Rohit stated, "No, no, it's not a distraction." Look, we have other things on our minds. Who's falling to the earth and what to do are not our main concerns.

That shouldn't divert any players, in my opinion. because they are thinking about a lot of important stuff. How to grab a wicket, score runs, and win a game. Everyone is undoubtedly considering that. Therefore, I don't believe that such things can divert players' attention. Therefore, I doubt we can divert the players' attention."

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