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NASA reveals heart-shaped glacier on Pluto will melt your heart

NASA's captivating discovery unveils glacier on Pluto's surface

Written by  Annesha Barua -- May 31st 2023 02:16 PM
NASA reveals heart-shaped glacier on Pluto will melt your heart

NASA reveals heart-shaped glacier on Pluto will melt your heart

Love in the Cosmos: The vast expanse of the universe continues to surprise us with its hidden wonders. In a remarkable discovery, NASA scientists have unveiled an image of a heart-shaped glacier on the surface of Pluto, adding to the growing body of knowledge about this distant dwarf planet.

The image, captured by NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, showcases the captivating beauty of the glacier nestled amidst Pluto's diverse landscape, which includes mountains, cliffs, valleys, craters, and plains composed of methane and nitrogen ice. The heart-shaped formation stands out as a striking feature, attracting attention and admiration from space enthusiasts worldwide.

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Nasa took to Instagram to share the mesmerizing snapshot, accompanied by the caption, "Our New Horizons spacecraft captured this heart-shaped glacier. It lies on Pluto's surface, which also features mountains, cliffs, valleys, craters, and plains, thought to be made of methane and nitrogen ice." The post quickly gained traction, garnering over one lakh likes and attracting numerous comments from fascinated individuals.

The discovery of this heart-shaped glacier serves as a testament to the constant exploration and breakthroughs achieved by space agencies like NASA. As scientists delve deeper into the mysteries of the universe, each new revelation fuels our awe and expands our understanding of the cosmos.

While Pluto may be millions of miles away, these extraordinary images allow us to witness its remote beauty and appreciate the wonders that lie beyond our own planet. They remind us of the vastness and diversity of the universe, encouraging us to continue exploring and unraveling its secrets.

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