CJI to meet Attorney General after the Top Judges address media

CJI to meet Attorney General after the Top Judges address media

CJI to meet Attorney General after the Top Judges address media : Justice Dipak Misra, Chief Justice of Supreme Court, is to be expected to meet Attorney General of India, K.K.Venugopal today to discuss various matters related to the apex court and its functioning.

Sources say that such a meeting was likely in the wake of four judges of the apex court issuing an appeal to the nation to save the institution from further damage if they want democracy to survive in the country.

In a first-time move in the history of India, four Supreme Court judges criticized Chief Justice Misra, saying that proceedings in the Supreme Court had compelled them to come forward and address their concerns before the nation. Justice J Chelameshwar, who spoke on behalf of the four judges, firmly said the administration of the nation’s top court was not in order.

Describing the press conference as an extraordinary event in the history of the apex court, he said that the four judges were obligated to come out and speak as Chief Justice Mishra could not be swayed to mend the ways of the court.Justice Chelameswar said that they had met CJI this morning. He further said that they did a joint effort to convince CJI in order to take remedial measures, but unfortunately it yielded no results. Judges disclosed that the four of them gave a letter to the Chief Justice of India few months ago.

Justice Ranjan Gogoi said that It was discharge of debt to the nation which had brought us here. Justice Chelameshwar said that democracy would not survive  in this country without an institution as important as the Supreme Court .

Justice Chelameswar said on behalf of the four judges that It was with no pleasure that we have been compelled to do this, administration of Supreme Court was not in order.”

Answering a question on whether Chief Justice Misra should be impeached, Justice Chelameshwar said it was for the nation to decide.

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