Chandigarh COVID-19: List of new containment zones out

By Gitanjali Mangal -- October 01, 2020 6:10 pm -- Updated:Feb 15, 2021

As the coronavirus cases in the city are increasing rapidly, the issue of outbreak of COVID-19 in Chandigarh was further studied and examined by a Committee comprising District Magistrate, Senior Superintendent of Police and Director Health Services and a considered view emerged that the following affected zones need to be declared as containment zones.

Sr. No.       Sector/ Village             Detail of Containment Zone

1              Part of Sector 7               H. No.1807 to 1810

2              Part of Sector 15               H. No.71 to 81

3              Part of Sector 15               H. No.412 to 418

4              Part of Sector 20               H. No.587 to 592

5              Part of Sector 20               H. No.3020 to 3023

6              Part of Sector 22               H. No.1926 to 1932

7              Part of Sector 22               H. No.2371 to 2384, H. No.2361 to 2370

8              Part of Sector 22               H. No.3334 to 3338

9              Part of Sector 23               H. No.3372 to 3380

10           Part of Sector - 27            H. No.3182 to 3185

11           Part of Sector 28              H. No.1063 to 1067

12           Part of Sector 37-B          H. No.1145 to 1150

13           Part of Sector 37-C          H. No.2745 to 2749

14           Part of Sector 38-D          H. No.3456 to 3463

15           Part of Sector 40-A          H. No.212 to 215

16           Part of Sector 40-A          H. No.838 to 842

17           Part of Sector 44-D          H. No.3045 to 3050

18           Part of Sector 47               H. No.3898 to H. No.3905

19           Part of Sector 63               H. No.2137 to 2138, H.No.2147 to 2148

20           Part of Mauli Complex, Mauli Jagran  H. No.3267 and H. No.3278

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List of containment zone


Challenges Chandigarh could have worked on well in time to control spread of infection | Cities News,The Indian Express

Regular screening and monitoring of the areas by medical teams will continue. Frequent sanitization of the areas by Municipal Authorities will be conducted and the residents will be advised to strictly maintain social distancing norms, wear masks and follow hand hygiene.

-PTC News

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