MenToo on Twitter Trends for the Men’s Rights in India

MenToo on Twitter Trends for the Men's Rights in India
MenToo on Twitter Trends for the Men's Rights in India

MenToo: After MeToo trend, twitter now trends with the new trend for Men’s rights, and the tweeple are pouring down there view on the same. A twitter user Varicha Kashyap said, “Framing innocent men through a conspiracy by women has become a worldwide issue. That’s why organize & support MenToo movement is the need of time for awareness among people.” Another user Makarand says, “Violation of fundamental rights of innocent men by misuse of laws is ridiculous & injustice. Innocent men are suffering due to fake allegations made by greedy & selfish women. Need to support MenToo movement now.”

Likewise, one of the users, Radhey Shyam Sharma said, “It’s a fact that while dealing with women in public, and particularly at work place, a gentleman is somewhat afraid. It’s because though the laws are tilted in favor of women for some good reasons, these are more misused in lodging fake cases.”. Another user Shashwat says, “Women over empowerment” has lead to misuse of the rights, now men need safety. If men and women are equal then men should also be given equal rights and protection. Men are also human beings”.

A Twitter user Shobha said, “Due to the present unilateral law, the number of fake rape cases in the society is increasing day by day and innocent men are getting trapped due to which the society is quite worried but ironically, this law is not being changed yet.” Likewise, Vaibhav Aggarwal said, “There is always two sides of a coin, you have to look up for both men and women else you will end up losing something while being only for one side every time”.

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