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Don't mess around with my authority: CJI to lawyer

Written by  Shgun S -- April 11th 2023 06:26 PM
Don't mess around with my authority: CJI to lawyer

Don't mess around with my authority: CJI to lawyer

New Delhi, April 11: Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud on Tuesday reprimanded the lawyer who was trying to mention a matter to get an early date of hearing and said, "Don't mess around with my authority."

The counsel sought an early listing of his case, but the CJI stated, "The matter is already listed for hearing on April 17."

The counsel then sought to have the case heard by another bench. "Your date is 17th, you want to mention it before another bench to get a date of 14th?" CJI asked the counsel.

The counsel then informed the bench that the court had taken up a similar matter on Monday, as well as some new issues. "If it is listed for 17th it will come on 17th. Don't mess around with my authority," the CJI said.

The CJI further added, "Do not play these tricks with me. You can't mention it here and then elsewhere for an earlier date."

Earlier in March, Chief Justice of India (CJI) DY Chandrachud lost his cool in front of Supreme Court Bar Association president Vikas Singh while hearing a land allotment case involving lawyers' chambers.

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When the SCBA President insisted on bringing a case before a bench chaired by CJI DY Chandrachud, there was an exchange of words.

SCBA President Vikas Singh informed the court that they had been attempting to schedule the case for the last six months.

While the SCBA President encouraged the matter to be listed, he also stated that if the matter was not listed, they would have to take it to the judge's residence.

CJI Chandrachud lost his cool and addressed the senior counsel, "Is this how you behave?"

"I will not be cowered down by you," CJI said and added that he has been in this profession for 22 years and never allowed himself to be browbeaten by a member of the Bar, litigant or anyone else and will not let that happen in the last two years of his profession.

The SCBA President also refused to remain silent. Following that, the court stated that the case will be listed on March 17, but not as item 1 on the cause list.

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