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Watch Video: Rahul Gandhi explores chocolate making and Tamil culture in Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Rahul Gandhi tours Ooty chocolate factory, commends all-women team and India's MSME potential

Written by  Annesha Barua -- August 27th 2023 04:08 PM
Watch Video: Rahul Gandhi explores chocolate making and Tamil culture in Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Watch Video: Rahul Gandhi explores chocolate making and Tamil culture in Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Watch Video of Rahul Gandhi: In a heartening display of support for women-led Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), Congress MP Rahul Gandhi embarked on a visit to a renowned chocolate factory nestled in Ooty, Tamil Nadu. Capturing his enthusiasm, a video shared by Gandhi documented his engaging experience as he not only explored the chocolate-making process but also endeavored to learn Tamil, the local language.

The captivating video clip unfolds with Rahul Gandhi's arrival at Moddys Chocolates, a popular confectionery establishment nestled in the picturesque hill town of Ooty. The factory, staffed exclusively by a dedicated team of 70 skilled women, impressed the 53-year-old leader, prompting him to share his admiration on social media.

"A team of 70 incredible women drives one of Ooty's famous chocolate factories!" Gandhi's post exudes pride in the accomplishments of these women, underlining the powerful potential of India's MSME sector. The video not only reflects his appreciation for the Moddys Chocolates story but also highlights his commitment to championing the cause of these enterprises.

As the video rolls on, Gandhi's immersion into the world of chocolate making becomes evident. He enthusiastically participates in the production process, with his hands-on approach serving as an inspiring demonstration of his support for local businesses. Intrigued by the craftsmanship behind the delectable candies, he sought detailed insights into the various stages of production, even delving into discussions about the impact of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on the industry.

The underlying resonance of Gandhi's visit extends beyond the delectable treats produced at Moddys Chocolates. His call for a fairer GST system, dubbed as the "Gabbar Singh Tax," strikes a chord with the challenges faced by many small and medium businesses across India. Drawing parallels with the iconic Bollywood antagonist, Gandhi underscores the weight these businesses carry due to complex tax structures.

The engaging video also captures Gandhi's desire to connect with the local culture. Expressing his curiosity, he makes an earnest attempt to learn Tamil, seeking guidance on the correct pronunciation of words. His eagerness to bridge the language gap reflects his genuine intent to understand and appreciate the nuances of the local community.

Throughout the video, Gandhi's interactions with the all-women team radiate respect and admiration. He acknowledges the visionary couple behind the venture, Muralidhar Rao and Swati, whose entrepreneurial spirit drove the establishment's success. He commends their efforts in fostering a work environment where these women artisans craft some of the finest couverture chocolates, noted for their quality and flavor.

Gandhi's visit to Ooty's chocolate haven carries broader implications. It shines a spotlight on the resilience and potential of India's MSMEs, specifically those led by women. His call for a unified GST rate echoes the sentiment of countless MSMEs grappling with the complexities of taxation. By advocating for a level playing field, he underscores his commitment to fostering an environment where businesses can thrive and contribute to the nation's growth story.

In this video, Rahul Gandhi's journey from a curious observer to an enthusiastic participant paints a vivid picture of his stance on supporting local enterprises and championing the endeavors of women-led teams like Moddys Chocolates. Beyond the delectable sweets produced, this visit becomes a symbol of empowerment, advocating for a fairer economic landscape for all.

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