Rahul Gandhi says the lockdown was an attack on the poor

Rahul Gandhi says the lockdown was an attack on the poor

Releasing his fourth video of the series, Rahul Gandhi continued his attack on the government over the state of the economy and said that unplanned lockdown broke the backbone of Indian economy and it was the Modi government’s third attack on the unorganized sector.

He said, “The poor; those working in small and medium businesses are daily wage earners. They eat with what they earn each day. When you announced a lockdown without notice, you attacked them.”

Gandhi said that the lockdown did not yield results as India surpassed Brazil and became the second worst-hit nation by the pandemic. “The Prime Minister said the fight will be for 21 days, the backbone of the unorganized sector broke in 21 days,”

The leader said that the Government did not pay any heed on the advice of the party and when it was time to open after the lockdown, Congress party told the government several times that helping the poor was essential.

“A scheme like NYAY needed to be implemented, the money needed to be directly deposited in bank accounts. But they didn’t do it. They needed to be saved. Without this money, they would not be able to survive, but the government did nothing. Instead, the government waived off taxes worth lakhs of crores of the richest 15-20 people.” he alleged.

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Earlier Rahul Gandhi in his video had questioned the GST and demonetization. He had said that the GST was the UPA’s idea of easy taxation but the NDA has made it “complex and complicated”.

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