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Humane AI Pin to replace your smartphone; know what it is, how it works & more

Written by  Shgun S -- November 16th 2023 08:57 PM -- Updated: November 16th 2023 09:00 PM
Humane AI Pin to replace your smartphone; know what it is, how it works & more

Humane AI Pin to replace your smartphone; know what it is, how it works & more

Humane AI Pin: The Humane AI Pin has been the biggest news in the tech world in the last week. The jury is still out on whether the device will be successful or even relevant in the short term, but the discussion has not stopped.

But what exactly is the AI Pin?

Humane, an AI startup co-founded by two former Apple employees, recently unveiled its first product, the AI Pin. The AI Pin is intended to be a smartphone replacement, allowing you to "live in the moment." 

After months of speculation, demos, and glimpses into the potential landscape of AI devices, the AI Pin's showcase video has arrived. Humane's messaging is clear in the video: the AI Pin is an alternative to traditional smartphones, combining functionality and unobtrusive design.

AI Pin Features

The 'pin' is made up of two parts: a square device and a magnetically attachable battery pack. Humane hasn't specified which model of Snapdragon processor it uses. 

The AI Pin features an innovative interface that includes voice control, gesture recognition, a camera, and a small built-in projector. The AI Pin weighs only 54 grams when combined with the additional 'battery booster,' making it lighter than the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic. Notably, the pin's 13-megapixel camera can capture both photos and videos, with the latter becoming available via a subsequent software update.

AI Pin Price

The AI Pin will be available for preorder in the United States beginning Thursday, November 16, for $699, with shipping expected to begin in March 2024. It also requires a $24 monthly subscription. It will initially be available only through T-Mobile in the United States.

There is no word yet on whether the Humane AI Pin will ever make its way to India.

How does it work?

According to Humane, the AI Pin is dormant until activated manually via a tap and drag motion on the touchpad.

The AI Pin's operation is based on a combination of sensors and AI technology, with a focus on extensive language models. This allows the device to understand the user context and provide relevant information and functionality.

The pin, like Apple's Vision Pro headset, can project a display onto the user's palm, with which they can interact with a finger tap.

Furthermore, the AI Pin expands its functionality to include device control. Users can use the device to make calls, send texts, control smart home devices, and play music on their smartphones. Also, the AI Pin acts as a portal to a plethora of AI-powered applications, including translation services, virtual assistants, and personal trainers.



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