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US: Texas judge halts approval of medication abortion pill

Written by  Shgun S -- April 08th 2023 02:45 PM
US: Texas judge halts approval of medication abortion pill

US: Texas judge halts approval of medication abortion pill

Washington (US), April 8: A federal judge in Texas ruled on Friday that he would suspend the FDA's two-decade-old approval of the abortion medicine mifepristone.

The judge, however, delayed his decision for seven days to allow the federal government to file an appeal. Less than two hours later, a federal court in Washington state issued a ruling stating that the FDA must retain access to abortion medications in more than a dozen states with Democratic governors.

According to CNN, the two rulings are the most important abortion-related precedents since the Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade last year.

The reversal of Roe vs Wade reveals the real-world consequences for those seeking access to medical services. On June 24, 2022, the United States Supreme Court eliminated abortion rights, overturning the constitutional privilege provided to women in the historic Roe vs Wade decision in 1973.

Following the ruling by the Texas judge, the US Food and Drug Administration issued the following statement Friday night, stating that the medicine is safe and effective for its intended use.

"The FDA has appealed this decision. FDA approved Mifeprex more than 20 years ago based on a comprehensive review of the scientific evidence available and determined that it was safe and effective for its indicated use - medical termination of early pregnancy," the statement added.

The decision was made using the best available science and in accordance with the regulations that govern our work. The FDA stands by its determination that mifepristone is safe and effective for medical termination of early pregnancy under its approved conditions of use, and believes patients should have access to FDA-approved medications that the FDA has determined to be safe and effective for their intended uses, according to the statement.

The Texas judge's decision on the abortion pill sparked widespread outrage.

Late Friday night, US President Joe Biden said that his administration would appeal a Texas judge's decision to reject the FDA's approval of abortion medication.

"My Administration will fight this ruling. The Department of Justice has already filed an appeal and will seek an immediate stay of the decision. But let's be clear - the only way to stop those who are committed to taking away women's rights and freedoms in every state is to elect a Congress who will pass a law restoring Roe versus Wade," Biden said.

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