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Who is Lord Indarjit Singh? Know why he is on headlines in London

Written by  Shefali Kohli -- April 25th 2023 03:55 PM -- Updated: April 25th 2023 05:07 PM
Who is Lord Indarjit Singh? Know why he is on headlines in London

Who is Lord Indarjit Singh? Know why he is on headlines in London

PTC News Desk: Lord Indarjit Singh, Lord Singh of Wimbledon, Member House of Lords, Commander of the British Empire, Order of the British Empire, D.Litt, is a major invited plenary speaker to the parliament. Dr. Indarjit Singh OBE CBE was the first turban-wearing Sikh to join the House of Lords when he was appointed in 2011.

He is the member of Crossbench political party. He is also currently Director of the Network of Sikh Organisations, as well as treasurer for The Interfaith Network.

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Lord Indarjit Singh –Early life 

Indarjit Singh was born in 1932 at Rawalpindi in Punjab and came to England with his parents in 1933. His father was a medical doctor. Divulging details about his education, Indarjit Singh studied Engineering at Birmingham University. He worked as a miner and civil engineer until beginning his life work of giving the Sikh people a voice.

Lord Indarjit Singh – Career 

After completing his studies, Indarjit Singh became co-founded the Interfaith Network for the UK and wrote newspaper articles. He was assistant editor for the Sikh Courier and started his own publication The Sikh Messenger, of which he is still editor. He is also often featured on BBC Radio 4's Thought for the Day segment. He is prominent in the national and international interfaith movement, a patron of the World Congress of Faiths and an executive committee member of the Inter Faith Network UK. 

Lord Indarjit Singh – Personal life 

Lord Indarjit Singh is married to Kawaljit Singh OBE. They have two daughters and five grandchildren.

Meanwhile, Lord Indarjit was also invited in the royal marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey on 29 April 2011. He was present during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth-II and represented the Sikh community at Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, former Member of Parliament Tarlochan Singh said in the statement. He had also participated in the wedding of the son of the then-Prince of Wales Charles.

Lord Indarjit Singh has been covering the headlines of London newspaper and news agencies s Lord Indarjit Singh is set to represent the Sikh community during the coronation of King Charles scheduled to be held in the Westminister Abbey near the House of Commons in London on May 6.

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King Charles III is also serving as the Head of the Church of England and all the ceremonies are conducted by the Archbishop. However, it is reported that King Charles has expressed his desire to be a defender of all faiths while serving as head of the Christian faith in the UK.

It is for the first time that peers from different faiths - Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Jewish will be part of the procession during the coronation ceremony. The development will be a major break from the centuries-old tradition in the UK.

The Sikh community hailed the decision of King Charles to give equal status to all religions, Tarlochan Singh said in the statement. The UK Government has named 90-year-old Lord Indarjit Singh to represent the Sikh community.

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