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Shah Rukh Khan 'begged' Sameer Wankhede to release Aryan Khan: Reports

Written by  Shgun S -- May 19th 2023 07:39 PM
Shah Rukh Khan 'begged' Sameer Wankhede to release Aryan Khan: Reports

Shah Rukh Khan 'begged' Sameer Wankhede to release Aryan Khan: Reports

In a surprising turn of events, alleged chats between Shah Rukh Khan with the former zonal director of Mumbai Narcotics Control Bureau Sameer Wankhede have revealed that the actor "begged" the latter to "not let Aryan be in jail."

These chats were submitted in court in Wankhede's defence. According to the said chats, Shah Rukh profusely ‘begged’ Wankhede to go easy on his son Aryan Khan when he was arrested in the drugs-on-cruise case in 2021.

Wankhede received several messages from Shah Rukh which he left unread. “Sameer sahib may I speak with you for a minute please. Regards shah rukh khan. I know this is officially inappropriate and maybe outright wrong but once as a father if I can speak with you. please. Love srk,” the actor could be seen initiating a conversation with the official.

"My son doesn't deserve to be in jail like hardened criminal.. his spirit would be destroyed," Shah Rukh Khan allegedly wrote to Wankhede.

These chats are said to be from just days after Aryan Khan was arrested. "You are a good man. Please be kind to my son. My son will break as a human being. I can only plead and beg you as a father. Please. You promised you will reform my child. I would never stand in front of what you are doing. I have just believe in your goodness," the actor further said.

"Get your guys to go slow for God's sake. I swear I will stand by you at all times to come and assist you with what all you are trying to achieve good. It's a man's promise and you know me enough to know I am good for it. I beg you to please have mercy on me and my family. We are a simple set of people and my son has been a bit wayward, but he doesn't deserve being in a jail like a hardened criminal. You also know that. Please have a heart man, please I beg you," the chats read.

Further, the alleged messages read:

"I beg you man, please don't let him be in that jail. He will break as a human being. His spirit will be destroyed because of some vested people. You promised you will reform my child not put him in a place where he may come out completely battered and broken."

"If in any way without losing your integrity as an officer of law, you can help with whatever manner possible please. I will always be indebted. I don't know the technicalities but if the department in charge feels all is ok and to your satisfaction. If then your authority furnishes a ' short reply ' with whatever conditions your team may have. I promise you whatever cooperation you would need from him will be done to the best of his abilities. Just please consider this request favourably it will be a huge favour because the family just wants him home, and not get stamped with having been a convict in a notorious prison. It will really help with his future and that's why I am making this, beyond reasonable request as a father. I hope you consider it please, for his sake."

Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan Khan was arrested and spent about a month in jail. He has been exonerated from this case by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) last year after a special investigation team (SIT) of the agency probed the raids afresh and said no evidence of wrongdoing was found against him.

- With inputs from agencies

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