PGIMER issues advisory for cardiac patients during coronavirus pandemic

By Rajan Nath - May 15, 2020 6:05 pm

The Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) has issued advisory for cardiac patients during coronavirus pandemic. It has been advised for all the cardiac patients to exercise restraint in engaging in outdoor regular physical activity in the wake of the pandemic. The cardiac patients are at high risk for complications and mortality secondary to COVID-19 as shown in various studies from all over the world.

Meanwhile, the cardiac patients must stay indoors as much as possible and wear N95/surgical three-layered masks whenever they venture out for any reason. Wearing facemask prevents the spread of infection and should be the responsibility of all citizens. Wearing a mask can lead to mild hypoxemia in cardiac patients, therefore, they are advised to perform time to time deep breathing exercises and steam inhalation.

BP can increase in hypoxemic hypertensive patients, therefore, they must avoid crowded places. Also, it is suggested not to run/ jog/ exercise as patients venture out to relax. They are advised to walk slowly depending on the status of heart disease as per the advice of the concerned doctor. Jogging/running should never be done as it increases the demand and precipitate symptoms of angina, dyspnoea, syncope, palpitations.

Subclinical myocarditis can have normal exercise tolerance at mild-moderate exercise and these patients on heavy exertion can lead to sudden cardiac death. Even normal persons, while they run, have increased chances of aerosol generation due to tachypnea which increases the risk of infection to surrounding people and can aggravate the current pandemic.

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This is applicable to all the sections of the society who should act as responsible citizens in containing this pandemic. All patients must engage in indoor physical activities like yoga and transcendental meditation.

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