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Total Solar Eclipse 2024: When and where to witness this celestial event

Written by  Annesha Barua -- April 03rd 2024 07:29 PM
Total Solar Eclipse 2024: When and where to witness this celestial event

Total Solar Eclipse 2024: When and where to witness this celestial event

PTC News Desk: Mark your calendars for April 8, as a total solar eclipse promises to enthrall skywatchers across North America. This awe-inspiring phenomenon, where the moon completely obscures the sun, will create a mesmerising spectacle as it casts darkness in the midst of daylight.

When and where to watch:

The eclipse will commence its journey over the Pacific Ocean before making landfall in Mexico. Its path of totality, where the eclipse is total, will then sweep across the United States from Texas to Maine, concluding in Newfoundland, Canada.

The partial phase of the eclipse will begin around 15:42 UTC, with the full eclipse commencing at approximately 16:38 UTC. The peak of the eclipse, when the moon fully covers the sun, will occur at 18:17 UTC. While this total solar eclipse will offer a breathtaking view for those within its path, it will not be visible from India. The eclipse's trajectory spans North America, leaving the Indian subcontinent untouched.

For those in India curious about the timings, the partial eclipse will commence around 9:12 pm IST, with the full eclipse starting at 10:08 pm IST. The peak of the eclipse, with the moon completely covering the sun, will take place at 11:47 pm IST. The eclipse will conclude at 1:25 am IST on April 9, with the partial phase ending at 2:22 am IST.

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Viewing locations:

To witness the total eclipse, it's crucial to be within the path of totality, approximately 115 km wide. Prime viewing spots include cities like Mazatlán in Mexico, where the eclipse begins in the early morning, and Dallas, Texas, where the maximum phase occurs around 13:42 local time.

In the United States, the eclipse will traverse states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Indiana, Ohio, New York, and Maine. Each location along this trajectory will experience several minutes of totality, offering a remarkable and unforgettable sight.

Scientific opportunities:

Solar eclipses provide invaluable opportunities for scientists to study the sun's outer atmosphere, known as the corona. During a total eclipse, the corona, typically obscured by the sun's brightness, becomes visible. Observations of the corona during eclipses contribute to our understanding of solar winds and space weather.

The total solar eclipse of 2024 promises to be a momentous event. Whether you're a seasoned astronomer or a curious observer, this eclipse presents a rare chance to witness nature's extraordinary spectacle. Remember to mark your calendars, prepare your viewing equipment, and find a spot within the path of totality to fully embrace the magnificence of the total solar eclipse.

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