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This man sets new Everest world record

Written by  Shefali Kohli -- May 23rd 2023 02:21 PM
This man sets new Everest world record

This man sets new Everest world record

PTC News Desk: Nepali Sherpa guide Kami Rita Sherpa on Tuesday ascended Mount Everest for the 28th time setting the record for most ascents of the world's tallest peak, beating his own record with the highest number of ascends on the world's highest peak.    

Seven Summit Trek also took to their official Twitter handle and said, "This morning at 9:23 am Kami Rita Sherpa successfully summited Mount Everest for an incredible 28th time as a part of the Seven Summit Treks Everest Expedition 2023."


Who is Kami Rita Sherpa ?

Kami Rita Sherpa, a native of Thame village in Solukhumbu, Nepal, working as Senior Guide at Seven Summit Treks has dedicated his life to mountaineering and has become synonymous with the world's highest peak.

Born on January 2, 1970, he developed a deep passion for climbing from a young age and has been scaling mountains for over two decades.

His mountaineering journey began in 1992 when he joined an expedition to Everest as a support staff member. Since then, Kami Rita has fearlessly embarked on numerous expeditions, summiting Everest multiple times.

Achievements of Kami Rita Sherpa

Kami Rita's achievements extend beyond Everest, as he has also conquered other formidable peaks, including K2, Cho Oyu, Lhotse, and Manaslu.

Kami Rita had scaled Mt Everest for the first time in 1994 May 13. Between 1994 to 2023, he scaled the peak 27 times, K2 and Lhotse once, Manaslu thrice, and Cho Oyu eight times. Kami Rita Sherpa, as such, holds the record for 'Most climbs over 8000m'. 


High influx of aspirants in Nepal 

Nepal is seeing a high influx of climbing aspirants as the Department of Tourism has issued permits to 478 individuals, the highest number on record. Earlier in 2021, Nepal had issued a record 409 permits which had overcrowded the summit which often is blamed for the high fatalities that year.

A year later, the number dropped to 325 taken as an impact of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war and recession that is coming forth this year. Nepal charges USD 11,000 to foreign climbers to take permits for Mount Everest but the expenses range between 40,000 to 90,000 USD to climb the mountain.



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