Google ensures ‘Collective Well being’ of its employees

By Gitanjali Mangal - September 07, 2020 9:09 pm

The lockdown has changed everyone’s schedule completely and working from home has already disturbed everyone’s professional and personal life.

They have failed to maintain a balance between the two. It has caused sleepless nights, unpleasant mornings to never ending virtual meetings.

However, amidst all these trials and tribulations, Google, one of the reigning technology companies, has decided to give its employees an extra day off in order to avoid burnout and to ensure the “Collective Well-being” of its staff as well as its interns.

Reportedly, the internal forum for employees states, "We strongly encourage you to take this day off — and managers should actively support their team to re-prioritize work commitments in order to do so."

Also, providing its employees the option to take an alternate day off, in case they need to work on a Friday, the forum added by saying, "If your manager identifies an urgent business-critical need that requires you to work at the last minute, you should take the next available working day off instead."

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While the technical personnel do not have the luxury to take an off on Fridays, the company is looking for ways to compensate them with a similar route of escape.

This initiative by Google has taken the internet by storm and many employees have stepped up and demanded for the same in their companies.

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