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Diwali 2023: Holiday rush causes station chaos, reserved passengers unable to board trains

Social media is awash with videos depicting trains filled to capacity, extended queues outside compartments, resulting in numerous travelers being stranded and unable to reach their intended destinations

Written by  Annesha Barua -- November 12th 2023 08:31 AM
Diwali 2023: Holiday rush causes station chaos, reserved passengers unable to board trains

Diwali 2023: Holiday rush causes station chaos, reserved passengers unable to board trains

Diwali 2023: As the nation celebrates Diwali, the festive season has brought a surge of travelers to Indian Railways, highlighting significant challenges in managing the holiday rush. Social media has been flooded with videos depicting overcrowded trains and long queues outside compartments, leaving numerous passengers stranded and unable to reach their intended destinations.

Criticism has been directed at Indian Railways for its perceived mishandling of the situation, with one individual sharing a video on X (formerly Twitter) claiming to have a confirmed ticket but missing the journey due to the inability to board a train in Vadodara, Gujarat. Expressing frustration, the passenger wrote, "Indian Railways worst management. Thanks for ruining my Diwali. This is what you get even when you have a confirmed 3rd AC ticket. No help from Police. Many people like me were not able to board."

The video detailed a distressing scenario where the passenger was allegedly forced out of the train by a labor crowd, which had locked the doors and prevented anyone from boarding. Despite seeking assistance from the police, the individual claimed to have received no support, with officers reportedly laughing at the situation.

Meanwhile, chaotic scenes unfolded at railway stations in the national capital, New Delhi, where visuals shared on social media depicted stations filled to capacity as travelers anxiously awaited their trains. The overwhelming crowds created an environment where panic attacks and dizziness were reported among some passengers, highlighting the challenges faced by both travelers and authorities in managing the festive rush.

In Surat, Gujarat, the situation took a tragic turn as a stampede occurred when a large crowd surged towards a special train bound for Bihar, resulting in one person losing their life and two others sustaining injuries. The police confirmed multiple incidents of fainting among the gathered crowd.

The incidents underscore the need for improved management and coordination by Indian Railways during peak travel seasons to ensure the safety and well-being of passengers. As the festive rush continues, authorities are urged to address these challenges promptly and implement measures to prevent such distressing situations in the future.

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