Mahua Moitra expelled: All you need to know about cash-for-query row

Mahua Moitra's recent expulsion from Lok Sabha over a cash-for-query allegation by the Parliament ethics committee has set off a whirlwind of attention in the media

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Mahua Moitra expelled: All you need to know about cash-for-query row

Cash-for-query row: The controversy erupted when MP Nishikant Dubey made serious allegations against Moitra, claiming that she accepted money and gifts in return for raising specific questions in Parliament. This led to a demand for Moitra's suspension and a thorough investigation into the allegations. Moitra, on her part, expressed her willingness to cooperate with the investigation while also raising concerns about Dubey's own background.


Strongly refuting the accusations, Moitra pointed out the lack of concrete evidence supporting Dubey's claims. Dubey, in turn, alleged that a lawyer provided him with information suggesting the exchange of bribes between Moitra and businessman Darshan Hiranandani. Moitra's persistent focus on the Adani Group during her parliamentary inquiries, a company she has previously criticised, has further fueled the ongoing controversy surrounding her.

The unfolding situation bears a striking resemblance to a gripping political drama playing out in real life, capturing widespread attention and stirring discussions across various platforms.


What is the 'cash-for-Query' drama?

Dubious allegations
Adani group controversy
  • Moitra faces allegations of targeting the Adani Group for mere publicity, adding fuel to the controversy.

Rule breaking and legal battle

  • Dubey informs the Lok Sabha Speaker, alleging rule violations and potential criminal conduct by Moitra.
  • Lawyer Jai Anant Dehadrai presents evidence linking Moitra's counsel to a withdrawal request of a CBI complaint.
  • Moitra counters with a legal notice against Dubey and Dehadrai, citing damage to her reputation.

Legal turmoil and conflicting interests


  • Moitra's defamation case was slated for the Delhi High Court but faced a setback when her lawyer withdrew citing a conflict of interest.
  • Allegations arise of Moitra's lawyer contacting Dehadrai regarding the withdrawal of the CBI complaint.
  • This tangled web of accusations and legal maneuvers has placed the 'Cash for Query' drama under intense scrutiny, raising questions about political conduct and legal intricacies.

'Cash for Query' controversy: Unraveling the drama

Accusations Against Mahua Moitra

  • Nishikant Dubey accused Moitra of accepting monetary compensation and favors in exchange for posing specific questions in Parliament.
  • Industrialist Darshan Hiranandani supported Dubey's claims, alleging that he provided funds to Moitra to leverage her access in Parliament.
Allegations Regarding Adani Group and Rule Violations
  • Moitra faced accusations of targeting the Adani Group for publicity and breaking parliamentary rules.
  • Dubey brought these allegations to the Lok Sabha Speaker's attention, hinting at potential rule breaches and even criminal conduct.

Legal Entanglements
  • Jai Anant Dehadrai, a lawyer, presented evidence supporting the accusations against Moitra, linking her counsel to the withdrawal of a complaint to the CBI.
  • Moitra responded with a legal notice to Dubey and Dehadrai, contesting the damaging nature of the allegations.

Legal proceedings and allegations of coercion
  • Moitra's case related to the 'cash-for-query' allegations was scheduled for a hearing in the Delhi High Court, but her lawyer withdrew, citing a conflict of interest.
  • Allegations surfaced of attempted coercion to withdraw complaints in exchange for a pet dog, indicating conflicts between Moitra and Dehadrai.
Challenges to affidavit credibility
  • Moitra raised doubts about the credibility of Hiranandani's affidavit, citing its lack of official letterhead and its exposure through a press leak.
Parliamentary committee involvement
  • Vinod Sonkar, Chairman of the Ethics Committee of Parliament, mentioned not receiving Hiranandani's letter regarding the case.
  • Emphasized the seriousness of the issue and the committee's intention to investigate, urging all involved parties to provide evidence.
  • The controversy revolves around allegations that Moitra accepted money in exchange for posing questions in Parliament, sparking significant attention and inquiries, leading to what is now known as the 'cash for query' controversy.

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