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Six missing after boat capsizes in Ganga river, Bihar

Bihar boat mishap: The boat capsized on the Ganga river close to Umanath Ganga Ghat, transporting seventeen individuals, the most of them were family members.

Reported by:  PTC News Desk  Edited by:  Annesha Barua -- June 16th 2024 02:07 PM -- Updated: June 16th 2024 03:05 PM
Six missing after boat capsizes in Ganga river, Bihar

Six missing after boat capsizes in Ganga river, Bihar

PTC News Desk: After a boat overturned on the Ganga River in Bihar, several individuals are thought to have drowned. It has been established by local officials that there were seventeen people on board when the accident occurred.

According to Barh Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO) Shubham Kumar, the accident occurred at approximately 9.15 am close to Umanath Ganga Ghat. The boat was carrying 17 persons, most of them were family members, when it capsized in the middle of the trip.

According to him, the boat capsized and submerged in the middle of the Ganga river.

Although 11 individuals have been saved thus far...Six of them are still unaccounted for, while several made it to the river's bank and safety through swimming, Kumar informed reporters.

According to the SDM, after receiving information, district administration and police officers arrived to the scene and began rescue efforts with the assistance of locals to locate the missing passengers of the unfortunate boat.

We are also involving state disaster relief force troops. The SDM continued, "We are working to identify the missing individuals.

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