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World Cup 2023: 'Should Rohit Sharma turn selfish?' - Baffled reaction and his response to batting suggestion

Rohit Sharma has emerged as a standout performer with the bat for the Indian cricket team in the ongoing Cricket World Cup

Written by  Annesha Barua -- November 02nd 2023 12:00 PM
World Cup 2023: 'Should Rohit Sharma turn selfish?' - Baffled reaction and his response to batting suggestion

World Cup 2023: 'Should Rohit Sharma turn selfish?' - Baffled reaction and his response to batting suggestion

ICC World Cup 2023: As the Indian cricket team under the leadership of Rohit Sharma edges closer to securing a spot in the ODI Cricket World Cup 2023 semi-finals with a potential victory against Sri Lanka in Mumbai, Rohit Sharma, a standout performer with the bat, has found himself at the center of an interesting exchange in a pre-match press conference.

With 334 runs in six matches at an impressive average of 66.33 and a stellar strike rate of 119.16, Rohit Sharma has consistently been one of the team's top-performing batters in this World Cup. Particularly, his contributions during the Powerplay have been notable.

During the press conference on the eve of the Sri Lanka match, a question arose that left Rohit Sharma momentarily speechless. The query revolved around his selfless approach and the suggestions from former cricketers that he might consider becoming a bit more "selfish" for the sake of the team's longevity and success. In response to this unexpected question, Rohit Sharma fell silent for a brief two to three seconds, looking at the Indian cricket team's media manager, who was perhaps his beacon of rescue amidst a room full of laughter.

Eventually, Rohit Sharma gathered his thoughts and offered a thoughtful response, shedding light on his approach to batting and team dynamics. He acknowledged, "Yes, I'm enjoying my batting. But obviously, keeping the situation of the team in mind, it's not like I just have to go and spin the bat. I have to spin it well, play well, and keep the team in a good situation. This is my mindset."

As an opener, Rohit Sharma takes the crease with a clean slate, as the scoreboard reads zero. This advantage, he explained, allows him to be fearless and play his natural game. However, he emphasised that the team's situation is a primary consideration for him.

He elaborated, "When I open, the scoreboard starts from zero. So as a batsman, I have to think, I have to set the tone for the game. So, I have that advantage, or you can call it a benefit that I am starting the batting, and there is no pressure of wickets because everything is 0-0. So when you have to start like that, you can be fearless and you can play the way you want to play. But then, in the last game, we were put under pressure a little bit in the power play."

Rohit Sharma pointed out the necessity to adapt to the game situation, considering factors like the number of wickets fallen and the target score. He emphasized his focus on what the team needs at any given moment, whether it's the first over, the fifth over, or the tenth over. In essence, Rohit Sharma's batting approach is tailored to the dynamic needs of the game and the team's objectives. His commitment to a selfless approach while keeping the team's best interests in mind has been a pivotal aspect of his success in this World Cup, and it has resonated with fans and experts alike.

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