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10-hour eating window enhances health and well-being through intermittent fasting: Study

Written by  Jasleen Kaur -- November 14th 2023 07:03 PM
10-hour eating window enhances health and well-being through intermittent fasting: Study

10-hour eating window enhances health and well-being through intermittent fasting: Study

PTC Web Desk: A recent study presented at the European Nutrition Conference by researchers from King's College London emphasises the positive impact of a 10-hour eating window on overall health. Intermittent fasting (IF) within this time frame, followed by a 14-hour fasting period, showcased improvements in energy levels, mood, and reduced appetite.

Consistency in Eating Windows

Consistency in the eating window emerged as a significant factor for reaping the benefits of intermittent fasting. The study revealed that individuals who adhered consistently to the 10-hour eating window experienced greater positive health effects compared to those with varying eating schedules.

Real-World Effectiveness

Dr Sarah Berry, the study's lead researcher, highlighted the significance of these findings, showcasing that intermittent fasting can enhance health in real-world scenarios without extreme dietary restrictions. The manageable 10-hour eating window demonstrated noteworthy improvements in mood, energy, and hunger levels.

Study Details: Participant Engagement and Outcomes

Over 37,000 individuals using the ZOE Health app participated in the research, completing a three-week intervention. Among the highly engaged participants, mainly women (78%), averaging 60 years of age with a BMI of 25.6, the positive effects of the 10-hour eating window were observed.

Duration and Impact of Eating Windows

The study highlighted that participants with longer eating windows before the intervention experienced heightened benefits from adopting the 10-hour eating window pattern. Researchers found that altering the eating schedule to a 10-hour window positively impacted satiety and weight loss for many individuals, emphasising the significance of meal timing alongside food choices.

Expert Insights and Conclusion

Dr Sarah Berry, Chief Scientist at ZOE and a researcher at King's College London, expressed enthusiasm about these findings. She highlighted that intermittent fasting doesn't necessitate extreme restrictions and can deliver positive health outcomes in practical settings. The study's results suggest that a 10-hour eating window significantly enhances mood, energy levels, and appetite control.

Kate Bermingham, PhD, another researcher from King's College London and ZOE, emphasized the importance of eating behavior. She stressed that the timing of meals plays a pivotal role in health outcomes, indicating that people don't need to eat constantly. Restricting meals to a 10-hour window can lead to satiety and potential weight loss for many individuals, reinforcing the significance of timing in dietary habits.



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