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Blinkit offers free 'dhaniya' online as e-commerce platform honours tradition

Nowadays, the custom of receiving complimentary dhaniya-mirchi with vegetable purchases is done online. Soon, complimentary coriander with veggies will be available through the quick-delivery service Blinkit. Is free mirchi coming up next?

Written by  Annesha Barua -- May 16th 2024 03:18 PM -- Updated: May 16th 2024 03:26 PM
Blinkit offers free 'dhaniya' online as e-commerce platform honours tradition

Blinkit offers free 'dhaniya' online as e-commerce platform honours tradition

PTC News Desk: As a consumer right, people who purchase veggies from local vendors receive free dhaniya-mirchi (chili and coriander). So, many people experienced heartburn when e-tailers failed to supply complimentary dhaniya-mirchi. Blinkit has announced that it will provide complimentary dhaniya (coriander) with vegetables ordered online, a win for moms and tradition.

Zomato's online fast-delivery service, Blinkit, announced that it will include complimentary coriander in your virtual vegetable basket. "Now it's happening! Thank you everybody, Ankit's mother. In the coming weeks, we will refine the feature, "said Albinder Dhindsa, CEO of Blinkit.

In his earlier tweet, Mumbai-based Ankit Sawant wrote that his mother "had a mini heart attack because she had to pay for dhaniya on Blinkit." Dhindsa, the founder of Blinkit (formerly Grofers), was making reference to this.

Professional in the travel sector Sawant tagged Albinder Dhindsa with the comment, "Mom is suggesting that you should bundle it [coriander] for free with a certain amount of veggies."

It blinked. For lakhs of mothers in India, including Ankit's mother, it was a win.


"When I paid Rs 10 for green chiles, it broke my heart. Since I was a young child, I've been used to getting things for nothing. Attorney Dhruv Sharma of the Delhi High Court questioned on X, "It's FREE like water, isn't it?"

Free dhaniya-mirchi is, in fact, a custom in several Indian cities, including Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

In Delhi's GK-1, Harish, a vegetable vendor, claims he purchases 2.5 kg of chiles and 3.5 kg of coriander every day to be given away with veggies. There are about 200 kg of fruits and veggies in his pushcart.

In Delhi, the free dhaniya-mirchi is practically a custom. We have been giving away free coriander and chilli ever since my father started selling veggies 37 years ago," Harish tells to news organiser.

Coriander and chilli are given out for free when their prices are low, according to Noida Sector 124 vegetable vendor. "Other time, we say dhaniya, mirchi mehanga chal raha hai (coriander and chillies are expensive these days)," he adds.

"We provide free dhaniya-mirchi upon request from a customer. "We compensate for the cost of the coriander and chili by selling the next batch of vegetables to the customer at a slightly higher price," adds Sanjay.

Free coriander and chilli served with veggies has also made it easier for the amiable neighborhood sabziwala to take with online retailers and other physical chains.


Previously known as Grofers, Blinkit is currently available in 26 Indian cities.

The fast-delivery service Grofers, which Albinder Dhindsa co-founded in 2013, was purchased by Zomato in 2022.

Blinkit is driving Zomato's profitability despite the company's main business of food delivery seeing thin profit margins.

By March 2025, Zomato's rapid commerce company, Blinkit, intends to open 1,000 locations. Increasing the number of physical locations that Blinkit operates is essential to its growth plan. Giving away free coriander when you buy veggies is another smart marketing move.

Even while Blinkit may have acceded to the request for free coriander, customers are already making new requests. Curry leaves are being demanded for free, while chilies are being requested for free.

"In response to Albinder Dhindsa's announcement of free dhaniya, give users the option to choose the free stuff: 1. Coriander, 2. Curry, 3. Mint, 4. Green chillies," one user on X said.

Can the demand for free mirchi be far behind when dhaniya is free?

"Please include the chilli and offer a selection. You might wish to wrap Dhaniya and Mirchi together; I promise you'll receive a ton of affection." asked for another X user.

Free dhaniya-mirchi will be an internet business tradition if Indian buyers get their way.

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