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'India setting messaging trends globally': Mark Zuckerberg

During the announcement of WhatsApp's new features, Mark Zuckerberg emphasized the company's ongoing innovation in messaging formats, group chats, and broadcast channels

Written by  Annesha Barua -- September 20th 2023 02:19 PM
'India setting messaging trends globally': Mark Zuckerberg

'India setting messaging trends globally': Mark Zuckerberg

Mumbai, September 20: Mark Zuckerberg, the Founder and CEO of Meta, emphasised India's leading role in the adoption of messaging for both individuals and businesses during a virtual address at the conversations event in Mumbai. He announced a series of new tools aimed at enhancing the business potential of WhatsApp.

Zuckerberg highlighted India's pioneering position in embracing messaging as a more efficient means of accomplishing tasks. He noted that India has set the pace for the world in this regard.

The announcements included the introduction of the Meta verified badge for businesses and the expansion of the payments service, enabling direct purchases within chat conversations. Additionally, Zuckerberg introduced "WhatsApp Flows," a feature that allows businesses to create customised experiences within chat threads.

Zuckerberg provided examples of how WhatsApp Flows can be used by various industries. For instance, a bank could use it to enable customers to schedule appointments for opening new accounts. A food delivery service could facilitate orders from partner restaurants directly within the chat thread. An airline could use it for flight check-ins and seat selection, all without leaving the chat.

He expressed Meta's commitment to supporting businesses in building credibility and increasing visibility. As part of this commitment, he announced the forthcoming rollout of Meta Verified to enhance the reputation of businesses on the platform.

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