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Shah Rukh Khan's son AbRam Khan smiles and waves at paparazzi following Sohail Khan’s son's birthday party

Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan's youngest kid is AbRam Khan. AbRam wore a black T-shirt with a design for the birthday celebration.

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Shah Rukh Khan's son AbRam Khan smiles and waves at paparazzi following Sohail Khan’s son's birthday party

Shah Rukh Khan's son AbRam Khan smiles and waves at paparazzi following Sohail Khan’s son's birthday party

PTC News Desk: AbRam Khan, the son of Shah Rukh Khan, went out on Sunday night to attend a friend's birthday celebration. Several images and videos of AbRam outside a restaurant in Mumbai surfaced on social media. Yohan Khan, the younger son of Sohail Khan and Seema Sajdeh, was celebrating his birthday.

Shyly grinning, AbRam waves to the press

AbRam and Yohan were spotted leaving the eatery via a video. The son of Amrita Arora was also with them. Once within the vehicle, AbRam waved to the photographers and gave them a smile. Then he began chatting and giggling with his pals.

Who else was there at the celebration?

AbRam wore shoes, shorts, and a patterned black T-shirt for the party. In addition to them, the celebration included the eldest son of Sohail and Seema, Nirvaan Khan, and the sons of Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora, Arhaan Khan. Wearing denim and black T-shirts, they looked alike.

Recently, AbRam celebrated his eleventh birthday

Only a few weeks after turning eleven, AbRam was there at the party. He was most recently spotted during the IPL championship game between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kolkata Knight Riders. Along with his siblings, Aryan Khan and Suhana Khan, he attended the match with his parents, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan.

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Additional information on AbRam

AbRam, Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan's third child, was born in 2013. Shah Rukh is frequently seen leaving the house with AbRam in tow. AbRam may be spotted next to the actor while he greets admirers outside his Mannat residence.

What Shah Rukh stated regarding AbRam

In interviews, Shah Rukh has also raved about his son. The actor had previously told Mumbai Mirror that, when questioned about the child's preference for movies, "AbRam, I don't know, he's good-looking enough to be a rockstar."

In 2016, host Kapil Sharma questioned Shah Rukh Khan about AbRam's requests as a three-year-old during a special episode of The Kapil Sharma Show that was filmed in Delhi. Shah Rukh then said that because he was too naive, he didn't ask for anything.

"Wo itna confused hai kyunki humare ghar mein sab marathi bolte hain," he had added. Bhasha bolte hain hum Dilli wali. Okay, so let's see if we can find the missing bolt. That's why Malyalam bolti hain jo nanny hai. Itni ajeeb tarah se baat karte hain, 'Papa papa this is really heavy,' to un becharo ka jo hai. Adha Marathi accent hai, aadha South Indian hai. A truly patriotic child from India, that is. Hey, Sari Bhaishao, do you have a card? (At my house, everyone speaks Marathi, which is why he is so bewildered. We converse in Delhi dialect. Some speak English, such as my son Aryan, and their nanny speaks Malayalam.The underprivileged child so has a strange accent that is partially Marathi and partially South Indian. He speaks in many languages and is a true patriotic child from India."

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