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Disruptive passenger on Newark-Mumbai flight attempts to strangle wife

A business class passenger caused a disturbance by screaming, attempting to strangle his wife, and demanding to disembark, but the crew successfully sedated him with assistance from onboard doctors

Written by  Annesha Barua -- May 19th 2023 01:38 PM
Disruptive passenger on Newark-Mumbai flight attempts to strangle wife

Disruptive passenger on Newark-Mumbai flight attempts to strangle wife

Mumbai, May 19: A shocking incident occurred on an Air India flight from Newark to Mumbai when a business class passenger began screaming and attempted to strangle his wife, demanding to disembark from the aircraft. 

The cabin crew, with the assistance of doctors on board, managed to sedate the unruly passenger, ensuring the safety of all passengers. The flight ultimately landed safely in Mumbai, although Air India has yet to comment on the incident.

The Newark-Mumbai Air India flight proceeded as scheduled, arriving in Mumbai on Thursday, despite the lack of response from Air India regarding the incident. The disruptive episode unfolded when a business class passenger suddenly erupted in anger and made an attempt to strangle his wife, insisting on immediate disembarkation. 

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The crew swiftly intervened, seeking assistance from doctors who happened to be on board. It was revealed that the passenger had suffered an anxiety attack, possibly exacerbated by his failure to take prescribed medication.

Pravin Tonsekar, a Mumbai businessman who was also on the flight, recounted the chaotic scene. According to Tonsekar, the situation quickly spiraled out of control, necessitating the intervention of the onboard doctors.

 "The man’s hands had to be held while giving him the injection. It was only after seven to eight hours later that we passengers could take rest," Tonsekar tweeted. He further described the passenger as being extremely aggressive, hurling abuses, and repeatedly attempting to harm his wife, who was physically frail.

Tonsekar praised the crew's remarkable composure and professionalism throughout the ten-hour ordeal. Despite facing an unprecedented challenge, the crew managed to calm the situation and ensure the safety of everyone on board. They successfully prevented the situation from escalating and maintained control until the passenger could be sedated.

Tonsekar expressed his gratitude towards the crew for their patience and unwavering dedication. He also called on Air India to recognize and appreciate their outstanding handling of the incident.

Air India responded to Tonsekar's tweets, expressing their gratitude for acknowledging the efforts of their team. They commended the crew's dedication and care in assisting the distressed passenger, emphasizing that their staff undergoes extensive training to handle such situations. 

Although the flight landed safely in Mumbai according to the original schedule, Air India has chosen not to provide any comments regarding the incident, despite repeated attempts for clarification.

This alarming incident serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by airlines in dealing with disruptive passengers. It also highlights the importance of well-trained and composed cabin crews who can effectively manage and diffuse tense situations while ensuring the safety and well-being of all passengers.

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