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G20 summit in Darjeeling: Himalayan town going to be ‘darling’ for world

Written by  Shefali Kohli -- April 03rd 2023 06:53 PM
G20 summit in Darjeeling: Himalayan town going to be ‘darling’ for world

G20 summit in Darjeeling: Himalayan town going to be ‘darling’ for world

G20 summit in Darjeeling: Highlighting the tourism potential of Darjeeling that hosted second G20 Tourism Working Group meeting, West Bengal Governor CV Ananda Bose on Monday said the Himalayan town is going to be "darling" as far as the world is concerned.   

As per the sources, around 130 delegates participated in Darjeeling G20 Tourism Working Group. 

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West Bengal Governor hosted all G20 delegates to lunch at Raj Bhavan in Darjeeling on Monday.  

Addressing media at the occasion of G20 summit, Governor said, "We take this as an opportunity to present the best of India before the rest of the world. This is an attempt to hold infinity on the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour. India has arrived..."

Meanwhile, several delegates shared their experience of G20 summit and stated that Darjeeling is going to be darling as far as the world is concerned. 

Notably, several cultural events for the delegates took place at Mall Road in Darjeeling, where each delegate was overwhelmed by the way India hosted them for three days in Darjeeling.

Delegates enjoyed a lot and danced their heart out in Darjeeling. Tourism Director who participated in G20 summit said that, “India is full of colour and I like the weather of Darjeeling." 

Indonesian Ambassador Ina Hagginyas Krishnamurthy said she relished the food during her three-day visit to Darjeeling.

Meanwhile, the Ambassador of Singapore Simon Wong Wie Kuen was also overwhelmed by India's hospitality and said that, "I am going to ask our maximum tour operators to explore Darjeeling and I am sure more tourists from Singapore will visit this lovely place."   

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Several other delegates shared their views about the culture and tradition of the beautiful city.                     



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