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Israel and Hamas point fingers following tragic incident with 500 casualties at Gaza hospital: 10 key details

While the Israeli military attributed the incident to a 'misfired rocket' from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group, the Gaza health ministry, controlled by Hamas, claims that Israel was responsible for the attack on the Al-Ahli Arabi Baptist hospital

Written by  Annesha Barua -- October 18th 2023 08:24 AM -- Updated: October 18th 2023 08:46 AM
Israel and Hamas point fingers following tragic incident with 500 casualties at Gaza hospital: 10 key details

Israel and Hamas point fingers following tragic incident with 500 casualties at Gaza hospital: 10 key details

Israel Hamas War: In a tragic and highly contentious incident, an airstrike on a hospital compound in Gaza, housing those wounded by Israeli bombardment, resulted in the death of at least 500 people, according to sources from the Hamas-run health ministry. The incident has triggered outrage and condemnation from various quarters.

Here are ten key points to understand the gravity of the situation:

  1. Israeli Army Blames Islamic Jihad: The Israeli army placed the blame on a "misfired rocket" allegedly launched by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group. According to spokesperson Daniel Hagari, Israel asserted that during the time of the strike, no Israeli aerial operations were being conducted near the hospital, and the rockets used did not match Israeli equipment.
  2. Islamic Jihad Denies Responsibility: The Islamic Jihad, an ally of Hamas, strongly denied any involvement in the attack. They accused Israel of attempting to evade responsibility by fabricating lies and shifting the blame to the Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine.
  3. International Outrage: U.S. President Joe Biden, who was set to visit Israel, expressed outrage at the hospital bombing, describing it as a "brutal massacre." He reached out to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres also condemned the attack, labeling it a "horrific" assault and emphasizing that hospitals and medical personnel are protected under international humanitarian law.
  4. Regional Protests: As regional outrage escalated, hundreds protested outside the embassies of the United Kingdom and France in Iran's Tehran. Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi declared a day of "public mourning" and blamed Israel and its ally, the United States, for the attack, vowing consequences for the perpetrators. Hezbollah in Lebanon called for a "day of rage" in protest against the strike.
  5. Protests in West Bank: Amid the ongoing violence in Gaza, protests erupted in the West Bank. Palestinian security forces in Ramallah clashed with protesters who expressed anger against President Mahmoud Abbas. Authorities used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse the demonstrators.
  6. Displaced Population: Over one million people from northern Gaza have fled to the south due to the conflict. The United Nations has raised concerns about Palestinian civilians in Gaza being increasingly confined to smaller areas, with essential life-saving supplies running out. The UN has called for a humanitarian truce to enable the delivery of aid.
  7. WHO's Concern: The World Health Organization (WHO) described the hospital strike as "unprecedented in its scale." It also reported that 115 healthcare facilities in Gaza had been attacked, rendering most of the city's hospitals non-operational.
  8. Israeli Military Preparations: The Israeli military has amassed armored vehicles on the outskirts of Gaza in preparation for a potential ground-based assault. Israel states that its actions are in retaliation to the attacks that occurred on October 7, resulting in over 1,400 Israelis dead and hundreds kidnapped. Their objective is to strike back at Hamas and target its operatives and operational centers.

The situation in Gaza remains dire, with the international community watching closely as both sides trade accusations. The call for a ceasefire and the protection of civilian lives grows more urgent with each passing day.

- With inputs from agencies


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