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Canada may restrict entry of temporary foreign workers in 2024 | Check Details

Written by  Shefali Kohli -- December 26th 2023 03:02 PM
Canada may restrict entry of temporary foreign workers in 2024 | Check Details

Canada may restrict entry of temporary foreign workers in 2024 | Check Details

PTC Web Desk: Canada's Immigration Minister, Marc Miller, has revealed substantial reform plans in response to the surge of temporary foreign workers and foreign students arriving in the country. Marc Miller suggested the potential imposition of limits on temporary foreign worker entries from 2024 onwards, addressing what he termed an unchecked system that has persisted for too long.

Highlighting the urgent need for reforms, Marc Miller drew attention to a perceived link between Canada's housing crisis and the substantial influx of foreign students and temporary foreign workers. He emphasized a sharp rise in individuals arriving temporarily, stressing the necessity to closely examine the repercussions of the system's workings rather than singling out specific individuals.

These remarks from the minister follow recent Statistics Canada data revealing an unprecedented population increase of over 430,000 in Canada during the third quarter of 2023, marking the highest quarterly growth since 1957. With a population now exceeding 40.5 million, 313,000 are immigrants. Miller had previously announced alterations to the foreign student program, requiring applicants to demonstrate double the funds for living expenses in a bid to reduce applications.

Canada Study Visa: ਕੈਨੇਡਾ ’ਚ ਪੜ੍ਹਾਈ ਕਰਨਾ ਹੋਇਆ ਹੋਰ ਮਹਿੰਗਾ, ਗਾਰੰਟੀ ਇਨਵੈਸਟਮੈਂਟ ਸਰਟੀਫਿਕੇਟ ਰਕਮ ਹੋਈ ਦੁੱਗਣੀ

Furthermore, Miller suggested the potential revocation of study permits for graduates from colleges deemed subpar, particularly if provinces like Ontario fail to address these concerns. He stressed the importance of provinces discontinuing the licensing of underperforming colleges and signaled intentions to implement additional measures if provinces fail to act, aiming to limit the increasing inflow of international students.

Marc Miller highlighted the significant surge in both temporary foreign workers and foreign students in recent years, underscoring the need for interventions despite the COVID-19 impacted period.

These proposed reforms underscore Canada's endeavor to readjust its immigration policies in response to a surge in temporary immigration, reflecting the government's commitment to tackling the challenges posed by this substantial influx.



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