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Top British scientist warns next pandemic is 'completely inevitable'

While applauding the WHO's pandemic pact as a beginning in the right direction, Mr. Vallance emphasized the necessity for ongoing attention and effective investigation procedures.

Written by  Annesha Barua -- May 28th 2024 03:46 PM
Top British scientist warns next pandemic is 'completely inevitable'

Top British scientist warns next pandemic is 'completely inevitable'

PTC News Desk: According to The Guardian, Sir Patrick Vallance, the former chief scientific advisor to the United Kingdom, has cautioned that there would undoubtedly be another pandemic and that the future government should give preparation first priority. While acknowledging the impending election, Vallance emphasised the importance of "sorting out" important issues during his speech at the Hay Festival.

According to Vallance, developing "better surveillance" to identify new risks early is one of the most important issues. He reiterated his message to the G7 leaders in 2021 by highlighting the significance of quick action. According to Vallance, easily accessible diagnostics, immunizations, and therapies could avert the need for the extreme measures seen during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although attainable, these advancements necessitate substantial global "coordination," he warned.

He claimed, according to The Guardian, that the G7 had "sort of forgotten" about the things he had said in 2021 by 2023. He insisted, "You can't forget about it," suggesting that pandemic plans be handled in a manner akin to that of the military forces.

"We understand that having an army is essential to our needs as a country, not because there will be a war this year," he stated. "We should approach preparedness with the same vigor and not see it as something we can easily scale back when there are no symptoms of a pandemic—because there won't be any symptoms of a pandemic."

One of the "positive steps" being taken, he said, was the World Health Organization's campaign for the pandemic accord, a proposed agreement for countries to coordinate on pandemic preparedness. "However, I don't believe there is enough focus," he stated. As the saying goes, "we will be in the same situation, and I hope that is a key outcome of the inquiry." This topic would remain off the G7 and G20 agendas.

He also mentioned that we "must find a better way" to conduct inquiries, pointing out issues with their efficiency and speed.

Vallance applauded the anti-smoking measure of the outgoing government and expressed sorrow that it will not be passed before the election, even if he thinks it is time for an election. "I believe that this must be addressed."

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