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'Operation Jhaadu': Arvind Kejriwal accuses BJP of attempting to 'eliminate' AAP

Kejriwal claimed that the BJP calls "Operation Jhaadu" a coordinated effort to weaken his party because it views the AAP as a danger.

Written by  Annesha Barua -- May 19th 2024 02:22 PM -- Updated: May 19th 2024 02:25 PM
'Operation Jhaadu': Arvind Kejriwal accuses BJP of attempting to 'eliminate' AAP

'Operation Jhaadu': Arvind Kejriwal accuses BJP of attempting to 'eliminate' AAP

PTC News Desk: Ahead of a scheduled march to the BJP headquarters, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has the authority to send anyone to jail. He was joined in this declaration by prominent Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders. 

Kejriwal claimed that the BJP calls "Operation Jhaadu" a coordinated effort to weaken his party because it views the AAP as a danger. Kejriwal asserted, "The PM has made up his mind to crush the Aam Aadmi Party," stating that the operation includes taking bank accounts from the party, closing down offices, and detaining well-known AAP leaders. 

"They have a 'Operation Jhaadu' ongoing, which is that ever since I got bail, the PM has not stopped talking about AAP, that AAP is working well and the whole country is talking about their work and this party poses a threat to the BJP, which is why it is imperative to tackle with this party now itself," said Kejriwal. 

Yesterday, Kejriwal declared via a video message that he and the other senior AAP leaders would be marching to the BJP headquarters. The police, however, declared that the AAP would not be allowed to stage a protest outside their property since they had not applied for authorisation to march. The police also issued a traffic advice, advising commuters to stay off of Vikas Marg, DDU Marg, IP Marg, and Minto Road.

Kejriwal and his senior AAP colleagues are presently walking in the direction of the BJP headquarters in defiance of the statement made by Delhi Police. As they tried to march in the direction of the BJP office, some AAP workers were taken into custody. Harsha Vardhan Mandava, the DCP for Delhi Central, announced that DDU Marg was now under Section 144, which forbids protests of any kind.

Tensions between the AAP and the BJP have increased with the arrest of Kejriwal's assistant, Bibhav Kumar, who was connected to an alleged attack on AAP MP Swati Maliwal. According to Kejriwal, more arrests are anticipated, including those of Delhi ministers Atishi and Saurabh Bharadwaj as well as another AAP MP, Raghav Chadha.

"BJP believes that by doing this, they can eliminate us. No. That is not possible; rather, this is a force of 140 crore people who have accomplished enormous things in Punjab, Delhi, and other parts of the nation that people must not have seen in the last 75 years," he continued. 

The chief minister of Delhi charged that Prime Minister Modi had jailed AAP officials such as Manish Sisodia, Satyendar Jain, and Sanjay Singh on a variety of accusations. Kejriwal questioned, "You think that by putting its leaders in jail you will crush the Aam Aadmi Party?" "The AAP will not be defeated in this manner. After a try, you can decide."

"We have given out free water and electricity, made electricity free, and honestly saved money. Because they are dishonest, these are things the BJP has never done and cannot do, Mr. Kejriwal asserted. 

The Supreme Court has granted temporary release to Kejriwal, who was detained in relation to a money laundering case involving the Delhi excise policy fraud, until June 1. This will enable him to participate in the Lok Sabha election campaign. But on June 2, right after the last round of voting, he must turn himself in and go back to prison.

Speaking on the AAP's accomplishments in government, Kejriwal said, "We have worked on clinics, schools, and anywhere we have fostered a good spirit and thought." One cannot overthrow such an idea. Such ideologies are impossible to halt or trap. It is extending throughout the country. One arrest of a Kejriwal means that 1,000 more will be born in our nation."

In relation to the purported liquor policy fraud, the Delhi Chief Minister also addressed a number of accusations made by the BJP. "Where is the money that was taken in case there was a liquor scam? They say they haven't been able to get anything back, even from the Supreme Court. "How come, if this is a crore-dollar scam, you haven't even been able to recover ₹ 1,000?" he asked.

He also attacked Prime Minister Modi for calling him a "Khalistani politician" during a rally, calling such ploys despicable and proof of the extent the BJP will go to defame its rivals. 

"It is terrible if a prime minister has to say such things to win over voters. PM Modi claimed at a rally that Kejriwal is a politician from the Khalistani community. Watch how many more fabrications PM Modi will produce today. Mr. Kejriwal asserted that the BJP would stop at nothing to further its cause.

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